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for Whispers in Her Hair

11/16/2021 c17 1FaeBreeze
This was absolutely fantastic! I loved the slowly deteriorating consciousness. What a neat and creative way of explaining the battle. Thanks to for finally letting Hermione's creature self out of the bag! I'm super happy with this story and I'll love reading more someday. I'm super looking forward to what ever you do next though! I hope its fun for you
11/16/2021 c18 The Immortal Shinigami
The wait was entirely worth it just to hear high Harry’s dialogue. I haven’t almost laughed out loud at work while reading in a while. It’s easy to see throughout the entire chapter the care and dedication that went into it.
11/16/2021 c18 Falcon777
Your story is easily one of the best on this site, so it's a shame that it doesn't have more reviews.

That being said, please don't leave us hanging! There are still so many unanswered questions (like what the heck is going on with Hermione), and we need a nice resolution to this story. I feel like we're on the back end of the climax (obviously) but haven't yet had the nice slowdown and calm of the resolution of the story.

Also, those teasers of what could be to come if you were to continue writing! You've already got me hooked. I know you need a break, that this hasn't been easy for you, and I thank you for what you've already given us! It really is amazing. Please continue.


11/16/2021 c18 ChildoftheLight
This was such a great chapter! Your entire chamber bit has been really good! Def worth the wait and more! Thank you!
11/16/2021 c18 RemisGrl
Holy shit! That was some chapter! Poor Harry, but I'm so glad that you're chapter was not like many others and you actually made them work for it, like I imagine a 1,000 year old giant snake would be. However I throughly enjoyed Harry's hallucinations lol. DRIP!
11/15/2021 c18 3SilverShadowClaw
Not gonna lie, I am sad to hear you are taking a break. I completely understand why but I really have enjoyed this fic, it has an original plot (or at least I haven't read a Gorgon!Hermione fic yet) and as with all of your stories is extremely well written. Every time it updates I get really excited and blow through the chapter ASAP.

I really hope that you finish this series in the future and that you do keep writing HP/HG fanfics because I love your work. Thanks for letting us readers know about your break instead of just going on haitus all of a sudden, it gives me hope that the story will continue someday. Good luck with rl and hope to read some more soon!
11/15/2021 c18 6ArkonWinfel
I’m a bit confused, now. Is Hermione a Medusa, a phoenix, or just have the powers of one or the other?
11/15/2021 c18 LeoniusDong
I like more romance between our favorite H/Hr, in the canon and other fictions, there's not many romance screens about them. It made me feel so loss and sad. Thre's so much things can be written about their love. You can bash Ron as much as possible. That will be interesting.
11/15/2021 c18 amk41196
Love this story... So glad we got to read more... Laughter, happy tears and snot...!) when Harry hallucinated... :) hope you can update soon.. Stay safe
11/15/2021 c18 James Birdsong
11/9/2021 c17 Shauno425
Love ityou're a captivating writer and the story is enthralling. I hope to see a bit more character development coming through as far as thought processes go, although they are only 12(?) at this point. The fact that every realisation only seem to hit when the answer should have been obvious from several clues back is a little repetitive. I'd like it if Harry had a few moments of intuitive brilliance you know? Not every time of course, but maybe occasionally. But you've really done a fantastic job. Can't wait for the next update!
10/19/2021 c17 1C.Menard
Happy almost one year anniversary on this project! I've been reading over on AO3, but wanted to be sure to follow here as well! Loving the story so far!
10/18/2021 c17 Aid4
Hi! Thanks for the chapter! I love it! Love how all of them are working together to get out of this awful situation, hopefully they won't suffer too much and they will get help!
9/19/2021 c17 Guest
Interesting story with a lot of details in house politics, training, spellwork, and action. However, I do feel like the story took a weird turn somewhere; I know it has been hinted at that Hermione is a gorgon of sorts but it was unsettling to have the basilisk snatch a second year student to be his mate.

But I do like that there is a star-crossed quality to the harmony ship, with Harry being a Slytherin and focused on his strong desire to survive, vs Hermione being the sweet, nerdy Gryffindor who just wants to fit in. I’m glad Harry is willing to go big to fix their friendship, as it really did feel like he was more at fault for the rift.

That being said, and I know you’re building a core group of allies to support Harry but some of these characters are overtaking the main ones. If it weren’t told from Harry’s view, it really would feel like reading about OCs instead.

First year was fun, can’t wait to read the end of second... I suppose some secrets are going to have to come out. Hermione waking on her own, the snake calling her a queen, her not being hurt by the venom (I think?). Also can’t wait to find out if Ron is going to be friends with them or not. He wasn’t nice to Hermione and only defended her after she made reserve seeker but he was also the only other one to visit her in the infiirmary.
9/7/2021 c17 1FaeBreeze
That nasty, snake, rapist! I can't wait for him to be dead. I always felt bad for the snake before but not anymore. Thanks for the great chapter.
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