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for Whispers in Her Hair

2/28 c12 Neville'sEcotopia
Oooh! I'm really looking forward to Harry figuring out that Hermione's one of the children/relations of gorgon's that was able to make their hair pretend to be regular hair! Although if she knows she is, she probably doesn't want it known... imagine how others would treat her!

I'm curious if Valeria is a rape victim. Either the scar on her skull or the fact that her hair was grabbed that way set her off. She clearly has some kind of trauma in her past, especially with her family!

I'm also looking forward to Draco finally knowing for sure that his dad doesn't care about his health and safety as much as he assumes. Most kids with parents would assume their parents care about their well being especially compared to kids like Harry who don't have parents. He's definitely in denial. Harry already knows how it feels, he probably grew up with the Dursleys either saying or implying it. He of course doesn't realize how hard it is on Draco.

I appreciate so much that Harry fights Voldemort's attempts to make him use his anger. I think his mother's love protection helps him fight that.

I'm intrigued to find out how Snape will finally treat Harry. I loved his reaction! It definitely hit home with the similarities from his interactions with Lily that he sorely regrets.

I'm excited to read the next chapter when you're able to post it!
2/23 c5 Guest
I think you might be worrying too much, I read all of them when I was about his age, and Cedric's death was like the least sad death in the seiries, he'll probably be fine but you are right to tell him that he can talk to you
2/22 c12 guest
i like this marcus and how he looks after his fellow slytherins. looking forward to the prank fallout!
2/22 c12 Guest
Loved the chapter, and poor flint
2/21 c12 2FangedLeaf
I love how you write Harry as a teenage boy in this story. Great job and I look forward to seeing how everything works out!
2/21 c12 Brujita94
Lo ameee, aunque desearía que Valeria sea la que ayude a Harry bebé. Espero pronto le des permiso a alguien de traducirlo al español. Cualquier cosa sigo feliz de poder leer lo que escribes, besos y espero que estés bien ya.
Saludos desde Honduras bye bye
2/21 c12 8Nerdmom1701
Great chapters! It’s really interesting that Hermione woke up briefly. How did that happen? Will you ever let us know? Is it the tears on her hand? That’s my best guess. Otherwise... I got nothing. I mean, Hermione is a genius, and she might have prepped herself in case this happens, but I’m not sure if she really had that much foreknowledge. On the other hand, it looks like she tried to keep Halle protected behind her. What I really want to know, is why Ron was there to see her as well. Him apologizing just doesn’t seem probable. Phenomenal work. Update when you can, please!

Well done
2/20 c12 Jak Fortune
2/6 c1 2WizardWriting
I usually don't read Harry/Hermione stories that being fourth year or before, but this was recommended on the Harmony Subreddit and I was surprised at how much I liked the first chapter. It was very well done. I especially enjoyed the fact that you separated Harry and Hermione, yet still had them becoming friends in first year. I'm definitely excited to see where this goes.
2/4 c11 Brujita
Espero te mejores, que no sea nada grave lo que tienes y de corazón espero que pronto te sientas mejor. Sobre tu gaseosa espero logres encontrar algo de tu agrado aun que siempre es mejor un zumo natural. Para el resfriado te recomiendo un licuado de naranja, limón, piña, fresa y mamey eso sin azúcar y con agua sabe muy bien. El mamey lo puedes quitar si lo encuentras. Besos desde Honduras y espero todo mejore allá y que nada malo te pase ni a ti ni a tu familia.
2/3 c11 Alizzar232
thank you for this chapter!I look forward to the next chapters. hopefully you'll feel better soon. quarantine is a bad time for a lot of us. I can relate to your feelings and even though we don't know each other and it's probably inappropriate for me to say, I think you should take care of yourself like you said and visit a good doctor. we all need help once in a while to figure out our body. I believe you've everything you need inside of you! stay healthy and feel better soon!
2/1 c11 4peinnoir
Loved the update, definitely freaky to see a petrified person's eyes open. You did an excellent job showcasing Harry's regret here, really feels like months of angst were finally unleashed. Sorry to hear that the updates are coming harder, I will read and review regardless of when they arrive!
2/1 c11 healeroffates
Loving this keep up the good work!
2/1 c11 Guest
Loved the update, Ron was weird I can’t wait to see why
1/31 c11 guest
poor harry, but at least he got to apologize. i think i know where you're going with this but will wait for you to update and tell us what happens next! take care of yourself too!
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