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7/20/2010 c9 4MargaretFullerSlack
Oh my gawd, girl! I never thought there would be a new chapter, I mean after seven years you kind think the author might write something new rather than updating an excising story.

You didn't finish it. there is so much that still can happen, you just added a new cliff-hanger and I'm willing to wait another seven years if that is how long it takes for you to tell me what's happening next ;-)

I missed a bit of flow in the narrative, at times you were telling more than you were showing (I hate that I'm a grown up right now and that I went to college and that I started a literature major (good thing I never finished it) because now I give grown up lit reviews, and I don't like that). You said it would be action packed, but I didn't really get the 'hold my breath, how is this gonna end' feeling that I had expected... Maybe you could try do upload the part you decided to cut out? Action is good :-D

But I really liked it, I always have, and this ending is just as the one in chapter 8, I see so many possible ways for this to go wrong, and even for it to eventually turn into a happy ending. I like it! And I like how still wants to be Chris' friend (if not even more) although her son put his daughter in a situation where she could have gotten killed.

Keep up the good work!
3/18/2005 c8 Frida
This seems familiar ;) It's great and fun and everything. Looking forward to whatever intrigue you can come up with, with this ending. And a common enemy tends to bring people together, right...? Haha, only specualting/Frida
3/17/2005 c8 9pitaqueen
Nice story.. keep going.. can't wait for the next update
3/17/2005 c8 17Chiquinta
Well, it's improved since the last time I read it. Only once instance of Maartje speaking through Chris (when Chris tells off Tc) but then again we've all thought about it haven't we.

Story is lacking waff in my opinion. If Tc and Chris actually started dating there could be waff. Waff is good...

And I did like the bit about the roommate being a bad dude. That was cool.
2/26/2004 c7 Frida
You already know what I think, but wanna remind you that this is excellent =)
2/26/2004 c7 glory02
With every chapter I love this story more. Which means with seven chapters I LOVE IT! :D
cool chapter!
2/25/2004 c7 Chiquinta
Another brilliant chapter, but then again, what else could we expect?
Still think Chris and Tc should get together. How many more chapters do you think?
1/28/2004 c6 glory02
great chappy! :D looking forward to the next one
1/20/2004 c6 3rasta-baby03
very good chapter. i love the way you just make your stories flow. keep up the good work
1/17/2004 c6 Frida
Great chapter, really fun, especially the food part! Am now really looking forward to some tc/chris after michelle is dumped...Surprised that michelle and cassie all of a sudden are buddies that was maybe a bit fast. Two questions - why does chris wanna be so picky about what swimsuit to wear in her own swimmingpool and who is cyrano de bergerac?...
1/17/2004 c6 17Chiquinta
Of course you know I think that Chris and Tc should eventually be together. Even sneak around like Cassie and Tom cause when each finds out the others are sneaking around it will be funny, and it means Chris and Tc can't blame their kids cause they are doing it as well.
Sigh. So yeah, more Tc/Chris waff is in order.
Sam should try a home perm of her hair. That could be interesting.
11/17/2003 c5 glory
Well I liked this chap a bit less but still I loved those Cassy- Michelle scenes :D

Looking forward to the next chappy which I hope will be up soon!

Lana :)
11/12/2003 c5 3rasta-baby03
Your stories are really good. this one especially. you have a way of leaving the readers suspensed out so that they no other choice but to wait for the next chapter. i like to submit my stories once they are finished so that i can get an overall review. i didnt get that many for Hey DJ. Lana said that was probably because i had a love scene in it. whatever the reason i plan to still write. Do you happen to know that basic age for everyone that reads fanfics
11/9/2003 c5 17Chiquinta

I've already read this. So you have to write another chapter to keep me happy. Sigh, the stuggles of being beta.
8/5/2003 c1 3Callaway Queen
good chapter.liked what chris told michelle. keep on writing. cause u do a good job at it.wish i were like u **sighs**.

great job.keep it up. :)
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