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for Over a grave

8/5/2003 c4 2glory02
yay new chapter it´s great but you already know that:P So keep writing and smiling.

Lana :D
8/4/2003 c4 Chiquinta
Hmm, what to say that I haven't already said.

I'd love to see Tc and Cassie have father/daughter moments. I mean, they'd have to be pretty close since Cory died...right?
8/4/2003 c4 10Maartje
Dude I keep on forgetting my wonderful Beta reader Chiquinta who is just wonderful, and for this chapter I also had it previewed by Glory02 who is also a darling :D So I am saying it now.
7/11/2003 c3 3Callaway Queen
good story but.i dont really think that t.c would be that protective nor would he want to kick chris's kids ass.i think u should bring michelle in a lil more but let chris put her in her place and t.c too. after all she really is a hooker .and we all know that t.c wants chris there and then. but he's afraid if his daughter and her son become involved.then he cant be with her ...at least that's what i think. but ...tom isnt really chris's son.

callaway queen
7/2/2003 c3 2glory02
Good as always! I think it would be a good idea to give this Michelle a very, I mean very mean part :) Love it!
7/2/2003 c3 17Chiquinta
And a day after I put my new chapter up...tisk, tisk.

I reckon Michelle should be the almost step mother from hell.
6/15/2003 c2 glory02
wow they are in the witness protection program! Well i didn´t expected that. COL story, great chapter, love everything about (except this Michelle) what else is there to say

god work
6/14/2003 c2 Chiquinta
Very tactful Maartje. Good job.
6/8/2003 c1 myu182
GREAT STORY! I really enjoy this story Maartje.

I wanna read ur next chapter soon :D:D

p.s: well ppl I'm back. My cousins seems to be handling their family crisis quite well. No whimpering, nor tears. Because they don't understand what "seperated" means for a relationship. But for now everything is calm. And for me I can now review your stuff all time now
6/7/2003 c1 glory02
*yay* new story and of course great as always love it

u have to continue soon. I know is should too, but ya know why can´t right now anyway great work

6/6/2003 c1 8Icea
What? What did Sam see? You have to update this soon, I want to know!
6/5/2003 c1 17Chiquinta
It wasn't that bad before I got to it.

Although there is something missing...Oh yeah! The next scene.

Some may say she likes writing but I know the truth. You just wanted to see your fics on the top of the list didn't you! :-p

Great story, as always.
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