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6/11 c8 1majorshane
This chapter was a bit all over the place. It was still fun, but it almost felt like filler as opposed to building to the climax.

That said: I freaking love this story! I’m picturing the moment during a big confrontation, perhaps during the AllMights last battle in cannon or the attack on the Yakuza mission where after a bunch of conflict Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura all round a corner leading their comrades into battle only to come face to face with each other and cry out before embracing in a group hug. While the villains, hero’s, and yakuza are standing there confused Sakura and Sasuke proceed to chew Naruto out for touching things he shouldn’t have.

I don’t know what would happen next, perhaps Sasuke incapacitates AllforOne and Sakura surrenders her faction to Naruto knowing he’ll make sure they get a fair shake. Maybe the three of them will team up and fight all the other factions, because there friendship is more important than the petty politics separating the groups. Maybe they fight because even though they are a team, each one is now part of a new community and they have responsibilities to uphold.

Whatever happens, I feel like it will be epic.
6/10 c8 Papilionem
Yo ya quiero que publiques el capítulo, pero es mejor no malcriarnos xD

Está bien no ser tan

Buen capítulo me divertí, y si, como shinobi debe sacar muchos trucos bajo la manga. Rápido, sencillo y sin indiscreciones (aunque esto último no aplica mucho en Naruto xD). Espero más de sus "trucos" jsjsjs

Hablando de eventos deportivos, Sasuke y Sakura no se darán cuenta? Es decir, este evento es televisado, mucha gente lo ve y considerando a los yakusas y a los de la liga de villanos, se tendrán que dar cuenta no?

Estoy ansiosa por el próximo capítulo, espero salga pronto. Por favor cuídese mucho, cuide su salud, coma mucha fruta y beba mucha agua. Saludos desde Perú! :D
6/10 c8 Riba Nyabom
Damn it was lovely.
I honestly wish it was just a Naruto story without Sasuke or Sakura.
6/9 c8 1Aikanamintariansha
Can Naruto brag about the speech and winning to his gaming team mate/ ex-Team Seven mate? It just sounds fun, because he's the asshole Naruto mentions in the speech.
6/9 c8 animeman309
who are you going to pair naruto with
6/9 c8 Guest
I just read the whole story and I am hear to say that you have quiet a good story well written and man do I love stories with someone other than naruto as he main focus I really love this split focus between the 3 and how you were able to really implement them in the story like can’t wait for your next update
6/9 c8 Warning this is retard
So this episode starts with 'meh it's just filler so it's kind of boring But I really liked it even though it was a little short Naruto's personality is incredibly more interesting than I though
6/9 c8 ddsurvivor
LOL man was laughing through most of the chapter. And almost on the floor by the end.

Thanks for the Chapter.
6/9 c8 Stormlight131
I think it's fine to have an in-between chapter like this every once in a while. Don't force yourself to include/write portions that don't interest you. It would've been totally okay to only mention the sports festival in retrospect. That said, I think the chapter was still fine. No complaints!

Just a note though, the Hiraishin needs a seal formula to work. Minato was shown to be able to place and manipulate them with just a touch, so it's not that big a deal, but it would've been good to show a Naruto clone sneak ahead to place it at the finish line.
6/9 c8 Uncle Dork
Imo this chapter was fine, it felt like more of a setup to actual "plot" per se and you won't hear any bellyaching from me unless you ACTUALLY lose/ break your laptop or Google decides it doc service isn't worth it anymore
6/9 c8 Guest
I want a assume and Sakura spit take scene next chapter. That’ll be funny to watch!
6/9 c8 AshleyDGorhul
Very good.
6/1 c7 1Amber Mint
I'm super excited for the next chapter!
6/1 c4 Amber Mint
This fanfic is seriously really, really cool! Sakura as a Yakuza boss really has be laughing lol. Naruto's rise as a hero is definitely going to be interesting to read!
5/25 c7 Papilionem
Haaaaa estoy tan feliz, hace días que no leía fanfic y este capítulo me dio mucha felicidad.

Aaaww mi bebé Shigaraki, ya tiene un amiguito, estoy orgullosa de él xD
En fin, si, en teoría se podría decir que Sasuke y Sakura se encontraron xD ajajajaajja te pasas

Me gustó mucho este capítulo, poco a poco se están encontrando. Pff en realidad ya todos están relacionados, ya están todos reunidos (en teoría xDDD)

Bueno, muchas gracias por esta agradable actualización, me emocioné mucho y te agradezco las sonrisas que me sacaste :')
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