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for Lost Artworks of the Moonlit Hour

1/18/2021 c33 ilanddubrovski
Thanks for the chapter
1/16/2021 c29 57ShadowPillow
She is more than that!
1/16/2021 c31 ShadowPillow
Ah, this was a sad chapter, bittersweet but good. Somehow I missed this! FFnet update orders switched. But this, this gives me hope that Misaki will survive. She had a persona, and she might be able to become real, like Morgana! I am really exhultant and happy about that. I hope she will, she is really her own person, she deserves something more. And Nagi and her are already friends.
1/16/2021 c32 ShadowPillow
I think this is how I thought of her even in the original DN Angel, a copy, not necessarily the real thing. I thought Nagi was being sweet by considering her his relative still – you know, in a way that you'd consider a clone that has all the memories of the original a relative – and it made sense to think that way regardless. Plus, she was a girl who was lonely and they did legitimately spend all that time together. I hope this doesn't make Nagi treat her much differently, though...

It does mean that she probably can't be saved. Now, I think I realize that when Dark said she wouldn't be lonely again in the end of the episode, he had sealed away the painting and brought an end to her cognition. Maybe that kind of end is not so bad for a cognition, and so she took it peacefully then – like a slumber – but it still was a death. Only by preserving the painting's lifespan further – which also seems to be tied to Nagi's uncle's grief and distorted desires now – or by ending the Dark Hour entirely somehow, could her life be saved. I think this is going to end badly, and there will be a lot of hurt.
1/16/2021 c32 1Mary D. Black2000
Considerme shocked
1/16/2021 c32 ilanddubrovski
Thank you for the Chapter
1/15/2021 c31 ilanddubrovski
Thanks by the chapter
1/14/2021 c30 57ShadowPillow
This is like Persona battle on steroids. I'm imaging these kids waving swords around trying to hack at a unicorn... bicorn... before they came up with a decent solution for solving this. They have a time limit unlike in P5 (the only Persona game I've played/watched), Dark Hour could end, they don't even have personas. Well, at least Nagi has his magic and soda cans, and Daisuke has his sword and mostly competent thieving abilities. Plus, their enemy flies (but luckily can't shoot magic blasts at them). Luckily they came up with a good solution quickly :D

Though... we shall see how this turns out... next chapter.

Felt bad about Nagi's uncle though, I hope he's able to resolve those feelings. Really, Nagi coming can only be good for him and I hope they can bond better later, though now, it's almost forced both of them into a corner.
1/14/2021 c30 ilanddubrovski
Thanks by the chapter
1/13/2021 c29 ilanddubrovski
Thanks for the chapter
1/12/2021 c28 ShadowPillow
This was great. Full moon tommorow, huh? I hope they're able to do it, the thing they need to do. The calling card might have been a stroke of luck, if this is anything like P5. And... wowa, in this connected-universe world... if that's related, if the calling card makes a painting's spirit manifest just like how a palace's treasure manifests at a calling card... that makes... a lot of sense as to why Dark actual keeps sending those out. I wonder when he started doing that, and really why. I also wonder why Dark started taking the initiative to collect magically-imbued paintings to seal them to begin with...

Good luck, team Nagi, Daisuke, Dark, and Misaki. You got this.
1/5/2021 c25 SkullWolfSteam
i figure the soda cans and the like do indeed work differently but maybe there also high in caffeine and the like because i do know the dark hour makes you tired as well so
1/3/2021 c24 SkullWolfSteam
im guessing you haven't played Persona 1 and the 2 duology as they are canon along side SMT IF and devil summoner Saturn and devil summoner soul hackers as they are all in the same timeline as persona 3 but i guess i can quickly explain why i say this as persona 2's cast made slight cameos on the tvs shows in persona 3 notably persona 2 innocent sins protagonist tatsuya suou but anyway reason i bring this up as there were persona user groups in 1996 and 1999-2000

the events of the original 1999 ended badly the world got litterly destroyed by the crawling chaos from Lovecraftian lore aka nyarlathotep minus what was left the floating city of sumaru city so time was sorta reset in at the end of the 1st half of persona 2: innocent sin(the 1st half) with eternal punishment being the second half where they go on to fix things with a slightly different group of people (which is the current world persona 3 exists in but at the same time instead of innocent sins events happening in 1999 in this new world you know what happend instead resulting in the dark hour)

but yeah the persona user groups of 1996 and 2000 exist in persona 3 onwards still but again finding them if the mc tries to do that or even realises they were previous persona groups before 2009 would be a tough task in itself and they wouldn't know about the dark hour but they might considering they are persona users after all but i thought id let ya know anyway and i enjoyed the chapter keep up the good work
1/1/2021 c23 ShadowPillow
Happy new year. :)

"Other Side", huh? I immediately think of death, but that doesn't seem quite right in this context. Another player, something that ties together art and the Dark Hour still, or just something else, related to death and reincarnation? Nagi's having some trouble finding his place in this world, and I hope that he finds it.

His, shadow-like-self had a voice very much like Dark's, it was interesting. I wonder if all inner voices that can sort of magically possess you sound smug and all-knowing but also kinda casual. Guess when you've touched the metaphysical side of the world and you yourself haven't ever been strictly born, that's what you're left with. That's kind of depressing.

Anyway, this is good. You seem to be building up a mystery here, about the interconnection of the worlds, and I'm curious as to where this lore side will go, especially since it seems to be approaching topics pivotal to Nagi's reincarnation.
12/25/2020 c21 ShadowPillow
Honestly this is great. One of my favorite updates. And yes, bring on the awkwardness.

Nagi Daisuke teamup is awesome. Though both of them are a little helpless at the moment in a fight against big mysterious creatures that can magically somehow kill them. Hmm. Luckily Dark is there to help!
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