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6/30 c2 guest
One to two months, eh?
6/25 c2 Ninetails
Disappointed it's not a Lisa x Darcy fanfic. I love those kinds of fics.
12/6/2020 c1 2DJ Sprouts
It's probably a stretch to assume this but... I'm getting some ever so slight inspiration from Blood Spangled Mirror here based on the sibling pairing. Except unlike there Lucy bares compassion for her siblings. But I might be wrong, who knows, see you on the next chapter...
12/4/2020 c2 3Delquea
The fact Lucy has apparently been a "goth" since she was a toddler is exactly why a lot of people, including myself, believe it is a phase to hide a very deep emotional issue. (it was even stated in an official comic that she have attachment issues). My version of Lucy is more or less, a possibility, albeit unlikely, of how she would be if she gave up most of her morbid mannerisms and behaviors.
12/3/2020 c2 Tristen
Great work man!
12/1/2020 c2 Guest
I was expecting him to walk away, slowly close the door, and throw up nearby the porch
12/1/2020 c2 Guest
The idea of Lucy's gothness being a phase is pretty fucking stupid.
12/2/2020 c2 TheAllSeeingEye4812
see you next year!
12/1/2020 c2 6Crisis Nova
Before I get to the problems of the story as a whole.

I just got to say.

Favorite and like, if I can give it a rating, it would be 20 out of 10 stars. I like the fact that Lucy is making a bond with Lisa, who also has a crush on Lincoln. I also enjoy that Luna and Lincoln are at each other throats because the sole Loud son finds eastern music to be entertaining instead of him drawing, which would still work, tho I still question as to why people keep putting Luna as Lincoln favorite sibling? I mean I have read the Loud House Wiki on both Luna and Lincoln and nothing in there says Luna or Lincoln are close or that Luna's favorite sibling is Linc or vice versus.

But you know who is close out of the family.

Not the father but the mother.

Yes out of all of her children Rita is the closest to Lincoln.

So my question is how is Luna and Lincoln become close?

I doubt that one episode where Luna went to Lincoln and Clyde's first concert.

As for the bullying, I understand and hope those cunts get what they deserve. And I’m guessing Huggings never read on the history of bullying, or the ramifications of bullying but ether the ones being bully will shoot up the school or commit suicide, unless he grows a spine and disciplines the bullies.

As for the Loudcest, I don’t really care for it, because at the end of the day the Louds are fictional characters. Kind of want to see one with Lincoln and Lisa, and Lincoln and Lucy, and finally all three at once.

Now for the story or the writing itself.

Jesus Christ does anyone on this fucking site know how to use the enter button when doing dialogue?

I mean yes it is a pet peeve of mine when good stories such as this forget that when someone new speaks the person speaking gets a paragraph. Not having two people speak in the same paragraph, it just makes you a lazy writer.

Maybe you’ll fix it in time.

And that is my only complaint with the story.

I can’t wait until the next chapter comes out.
12/1/2020 c2 10That Engineer
I loathe bullies, especially those who come from rich people and get spoiled because of it. They grow into some of the worst we're seeing right now. But I really do hate school staff who do nothing about it. Huggins should ashamed of himself for failing to act, though Lucy did go a little overboard with the groin attack; hitting a staff member at all is grounds for suspension, and she's lucky she isn't getting that (hopefully).

It's nice to see that Lisa finally reconnected with her old friend though.
12/1/2020 c2 56Parent12D
Wow. This was a nice chapter. Rather long, but overall great. I can tell that things are getting interesting.
I really feel like this story will be about the relationship between Lisa, Lucy and Lincoln; mainly Lisa and Lucy, and Darcy in this story was a swell idea too.
I also like the characterization too, as well as how things have been going down at the school Lisa goes to. It's no wonder she dreads it. Bullies are really horrible people, and they usually do this out of jealousy of their victim.
Nonetheless, at least Lisa has her sister Lucy there for her, so that's a plus. :) Besides, Lisa got a wonderful reunion with Darcy. That's really nice.
I look forward to the next chapter. C: Keep up the good work when you can.
11/25/2020 c1 Ferasibio
11/19/2020 c1 2That British Tanker
Welcome back to FF. net I guess. I haven't heard of you since ten years ago I guess?
11/3/2020 c1 3Delquea
is currently fucked to hell. So it'll be a while longer before I upload chapter 1. During which I'll further fix it up until the site begins to function again.
10/30/2020 c1 2nuuo
Looks like an interesting start. Curious how Lucy is being used in the story though.
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