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for Come Home Again

6/1 c2 1canihavealittlemoneyimverygay
I love this concept! It's interesting how Sweeney still wants revenge after reuniting with his family and I'm interested to see how it will play out. The reunion scene was beautifully paced, it didn't feel too quick like they sometimes do.
4/2/2022 c5 609Ghostwriter
Oh Lucy. Just let Benjamin do his work, love.
3/19/2022 c4 Ghostwriter
Oh Benjamin. I can feel the two sides of him warring. Wonderful job. Keep it up.
5/6/2021 c3 Ghostwriter
Ooh I love this. Well done.
3/19/2021 c2 Ghostwriter
Oooh yes. I like this idea. Keep it up.
3/1/2021 c2 28jobrker
The writing in this fic is beautiful! I love the premise. I’ve always wondered what would happen if Lucy lived and Johanna wasn’t Turpin’s ward. I’m very excited for this fic!
11/8/2020 c1 139Defying.Expectations
I'm not sure why you don't have any reviews yet - this is off to a great start! I'm intrigued by the premise and eager to learn how it came about . . . what stopped Lucy in this version from poisoning herself, what motivates Lucy and not Nellie to keep the razors, where Johanna fits in with all this . . . and intrigued to see how the revenge aspects of the story we all know and love play out alongside Sweeney, simultaneously, having not lost everything as he does in canon.

Also, you've got some really lovely turns of phrase in this opening chapter - I especially loved the image of the flames reaching up as if towards heaven and then collapsing in failure; the description of the material on his strop being the same as the material on the Botany Bay whips, and the chilling memory that follows; the silver shining like a lover awoken with a kiss.

I look forward to an update!

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