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for Black Sun

1/17 c1 24917brat
This is a very interesting story idea that is amazingly written I really like what you have happening so far and am really eager to see just what you are going to have happen next please keep this up and update again soon.
1/11 c7 ElementalMaster16
Fun story so far! Glorious chaos.
1/3 c7 Mari Wollsch
super xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
12/26/2020 c7 APridefulSin
12/21/2020 c7 5Lunary
I really look forward to the next chapter so they met Colonello.

Gonna look forward to who they're going to meet next.

Love this story.

12/14/2020 c1 Enoch
I really like your x-archanbelano is Harry fics, test I get sad when you end up dropping them, I hope this story is one that sticks with you till it’s end like Memories of Nobody
12/14/2020 c7 Lill E D
Love it. Please update soon
12/14/2020 c7 Crimson167
I love this story. It is a very interesting story that keeps me invested. Will there be more interactions between the familiars and possibly fluff?
12/8/2020 c7 Jesh
Oh that was a good twist there, having colonello being the cousin of Fleur, makes sense to, considering where he is from. I know we won't see Fon for a while since he is with the Triads probably, and Skull...possible to meet skull actually, since he is supposed to be from Europe and Russia. It's going to be interesting seeing this play out.
12/9/2020 c7 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really awesome and I can't wait for more
12/7/2020 c7 Phoenix
My gosh thanks for the update this was hilarious and I hope you're doing well
12/7/2020 c6 Guest
Wait, I'm rereading that beginning part of the chapter.

If his primary was the cost of dying and coming back, AND his secondary is the Sky with the primary being the Sun... Why didn't it cost the Sun in the first place? Is this just really awkwardly phrased 'his original primary was Sky, and now it's Sun because of dying/rebirth, even with going back in time undoing the damage'?
12/8/2020 c7 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I love it
12/8/2020 c7 athenakitty
Actually it would be very interesting to see what happens to Bagman. I'd be really surprised if Skull was either a wizard or a squib. I'm curious if Reborn's going to do something interesting to Ron. How would the others show up?
12/8/2020 c7 10Genuka
All I can do is laugh! Fabulous!
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