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7/4 c14 Fluffiest
Now I really wonder what Midoriya and Toga's relationship is. Are they somehow related, or did he get a copy of her quirk?
11/5/2022 c14 RobinSS
Wow. As I mentioned in my prior review, I'm really surprised at how much I enjoyed this. I wish it did have the epilogue, because I want at least a somewhat happy ending, but I've still enjoyed it, even without that. If you ever add that, it would be appreciated. :)
11/5/2022 c13 RobinSS
I honestly hate the horror genre, but I decided to give this story a go, because I felt as stupid as most teens in horror stories usually are, lol. I've actually enjoyed it. I had to skip over a few scenes, but it hasn't been too bad. Funny thing: I guessed early on what was going on and who was whom, but it wasn't nearly obvious enough for me to be sure. I ended up being right about each guess (so far), so I'm quite pleased with myself. :) This had been a surprisingly enjoyable read for me. I'll still probably avoid horror in future, because I still hate that genre, but I do really like this story!
11/17/2021 c14 Guest
still waiting on the epilogue
11/7/2021 c14 Harleking31
OK so



I neeeeeed it

I literally just found out this existed but I need my fix man
10/30/2021 c13 1Pridesbane
An interesting twist! I didnt see it coming, but I dont feel mad, so thats a good thing I think. Cant wait for the next chapter
10/26/2021 c9 beard boy
10/24/2021 c4 57ShadowPillow
And I'm glad him and Ojiro got to talk. :)
10/24/2021 c8 ShadowPillow
I change my bet to Sero.

Guh. The Monoma test makes a lot of sense. A lot of security leaks here though.
10/23/2021 c8 1Pridesbane
Nice chapter! Cant wait for more
10/21/2021 c7 57ShadowPillow
Guh. Shinso really didn't say anything to Midoriya though. I hate this group dynamics thou-shalt-not-speak-without-permission thing or not wanting to talk about stuff and just giving a cold shoulder like that. Not that you conveyed it badly – it's just irl team dynamics and stuff like that gets to me. I'm definitely the kind of person who wants to talk about it, and fix things, and Ojiro... well, the dude needs time. He probably needs to think through it. I get that, but I hate how it blows back onto Shinso when he literally did nothing wrong and only entered an awkward spot where the situation was misconstrued. Shinso definitely does have different priorities and perceptions of the incident than Ojiro – he's actually investigating somewhat and keeping up, wanting to know what's going on – whereas Ojiro specifically doesn't want to talk about it and just live on – but I definitely think that Shinso isn't doing anything wrong with that though it seems that everyone around him is trying to stifle that conversation for their own reasons (teachers for investigative reasons and to protect students from trauma, students like Ojiro who saw it to protect themselves or because it feels sensitive or inappropriate to talk about it to outsiders..., the students who weren't there not talking about it as a need to be sensitive to those who witnessed something horrible...) Guh, it's gnarly. Makes me want to break that glass barrier, even if I know some people need time. Because there are groups (like Hitoshi and Todoroki) who would like to talk about it instead with their peers and not just therapists, and that should be OK too. And them deciding to do that and talk about it shouldn't be stigmatized by those that don't want to talk about it, because everyone deals with their own shit in their own way. There's no one right way to do it. But it's only Day 2 so hopefully Ojiro gets his head on straight and actually asks Shinso what he said to Midoriya rather than making assumptions and getting heated up (i.e. that Hitoshi did not in fact reveal any sensitive information to a stranger, or discuss any dangerous details or anything other than that he didn't really know, any of the stuff that would've been actively harmful for the police investigation). But Ojiro's usually a more level-headed guy. So I'll cross my fingers that he thinks it through well enough to initiate some conversation.

And that's a convincing argument for Todoroki being Todoroki. Good chapter.
10/18/2021 c6 ShadowPillow
Mina? Kaminari? I think those are at least some of two students with hair who haven't been confirmed to have a buddy outside of school hours, has removable hair, isn't already missing, and whos tone fits the pleading. Jiro too, possibly. I think Toga'd be more likely to go after a male target... so Kaminari. The poor dude.

Todoroki might've been replaced in that conversation he had with Hitoshi. He sounded a bit different, enough that I suspected that he timetraveled too. But Bakugo's difference is probably Toga taking over... which is really weird, because he said things almost like how O would expect a mellowed-out regretful future Bakugo to speak. But obviously Bakugo was Bakugo to Midoriya... still I can't help but think that the story ties back to Midoriya and Bakugo at it's core somehow, and maybe Toga knows something about it and so is trying to act on it... by torturing students. There's something really weird about this. A mystery, really
10/18/2021 c1 ShadowPillow
Oh no.

It seemed to me that Bakugo time-travelled. After the second time he was nice, it kind of seemed that way... then with the USJ events going on. I thought he withdrew out of guilt and shame at having used Midoriya's plan and realizing that without Midoriya All Might hadn't come. That also explains why he was so unnaturally nice to Shinso, who took Midoriya's place and whom Bakugo knew from the later classes had a lot of potential (which is why he suggested the same exact thing). Also why his house is fancier as he might've used adult knowledge to make better circumstances for themselves... or something. But this murder now? Maybe there are other people who also time traveled. I was really scared it was suicide at first, but with the body missing it looks like there definitely is something else going on here that leads to this strange set-up. And his parents are missing, too.

Fascinating premise. I like the unique choice in narrator too. Maybe this is a universe where Midoriya just doesn't appear, or something...
10/17/2021 c6 PunkPunk
Damn the suspense in this story its some real shit
Cant wait to see who the student is that cliffhanger was something else
10/17/2021 c6 1Pridesbane
Very interesting chapter! For the life of me I don't know how this fic hasn't blown up; it's fantastically written
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