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for Naruto Make-Out Heroes: X edition

5/14 c2 morenoernie013

How do you know all of this?

And also you do know that you can PM him righr?
4/19 c2 carneyjarred
You don't like sasuke and other characters fine don't start spreading that hate to other I like sasuke is his actions ok no but at least he is trying to fix his mistakes compared to some characters hell akainu from one piece is worse then Sasuke. Minato did not his village would spit on his sacrifice you make sound like he's all knowing besides he outright says he's sorry and that as his father he puts his trust in naruto and can you really condemned a bunch of villagers to death and beside thier hatred is justified if misguided a common citizen is not going to know about sealing and the ninja lost love ones in the attack? What are going to hate iruka because he spat on Naruto as as well. Sakura's I love you was a lie to get Naruto to stop going after sasuke because sai told her how much he was hurting by it the episode/chapter outright states this. Ay and karui as well as c are worried about killer Bee ay's adopted brother and karui's sensei who as a kage would use as a weapon but didn't because he loved him. Sure sakura has her fault but she at least moves past them and kept hope in sasuke when all other would give up on him he'll she risks being a outcast because she wants him back like NARUTO they want team 7 back and over time her love becomes genuine unlike some fangirls. And don't call her a coward either she at least tries to save sasuke by ending his life before he falls further in the darkness you might well hate Itachi for not ending him or tell him truth it's kinda hypercritical isn't you have these characters for flimsy reason and not seeing the whole picture tell me does feel good to hate people who like these characters does it. I am not going to hate on you for not like them that's your opinion but hating on those that do says a lot about your character. So shut up and quit being a teme. Ps obito's actions are actually worse that Sasuke's because let's be honest while he is a prick at times he has never said I demand to you give me power but says I need more strength or I need to get stronger, the curse mark is a tool to him not a free use of power, and doesn't not kill Naruto in part one because he doesn't want to become like Itachi and in part 2 only tries to kill Naruto because he keeps trying to bring him back when he does not to and doesn't because at end of damn day his heart does not want to In the anime and manga it's stated that when two people match fists thier hearts are connected which plays a part in the series and probably is a bastardized form of ninshu. Pps sasuke has also never tried to put the world in a never ending illusion and doesn't try to drain the world of it's chakra. Boruto also shows that the otsutsuki clan are 100 % worse than sasuke espicallly the latest villian they killed. Ppps you would probably it ignored this and delete or probably report me and lie to the admins that I am a flamer or such bullshit because I am a sasuke lover after all it's fits your character fufufu I will say this sasuke and ay are one of the higher tier characters in the ultimate ninja storm series compared to Naruto who sage mode and I mean the toad one is equal to them. Don't say I didn't try to change you after I am sure if Naruto was real he would love the way you act about his friends and family. I extremely dislike bullies and you are one after all i am not the one calling something people love a cancer. If any one's a cancer here it's you I am not the one spreading hate and toxicity galore. People have opinions for a reason and trying to turn them negative is a huge no you May dislike them but you have no right to force them on others,sasuke doesn't try to spread that shit in Canon do I like his actions no but he at least tries redeem himself which says a lot about how much he changed. I hope I changed your mind I really do but if not can at least say I tried and that a hopeless case is a hopeless case.
2/26 c2 Lord Vader
I choose Ava Devine, Lisa Ann, Daphne Rosen and Hitomi Tanaka
2/19 c1 Dasgun
2/17 c2 jerrelhamil
can you do an ava koxxx and naruto ch ease
2/17 c2 Jerson Vasquez Zuiga
Muy bueno tambien puedes agregar alguna cantante famosa o actriz no queda nada mal y sugiero Lisa Ann, Ava Adams, Jayden Jaymes o Diamond Foxxx
2/12 c2 tibid
a bit unexpeted to see a fic like this. crossover to other anime and cartoons seems normal. But this is entirely new nice work with it if I have to vote hmmmm sara jay.
2/8 c2 guest
a rarity to see this, a literal first for a fic to try lemon with the pornstars ,sara jay should be next.
2/6 c2 guest
I say go for sara jay and hitomi tanaka.
1/16 c2 Uoi
there is so many to choose though so quite hard to pick I will vote for sara jay .
1/13 c1 Guest
Hope you do sara jay or kelly divine either way hope you update again.
1/11 c2 guest
Mature milfs nice think you could do sara jay next ?
1/11 c2 fictionelement777
Naughty mature women, NICE!
1/10 c2 10AmusedLight
Its alright, hope to see more.
1/10 c2 Guest
hey man please keep up the good work I love naruto, plus this series is great for my research purposes!
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