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for An Evening of Treats

12/20/2020 c1 Meadow Dweller1
Eeeep! Thank you so much PurpleRock for this delightful treat! It’s just what our fandom needs this holiday season *hearts*
Sending you much love and light, be well and stay safe!
Wait, Eleanor was Luna this whole time? My friend Eleanor is called Ellie, but Luna is a stretch. I like the sun themed names so much! Sunbeam, sunshine, Life, even Luna. Reflecting the sun’s light.
Oh my, Eugene getting hit on by his kid’s teenage friends was so cringe but so funny! He didn’t gloat, which really pleasantly surprised me.
Pappy Edmund, yayyy! where’s Hamuel?! Never mind, don’t need to know. Honest.
“Don't bring that witch of a mother up right now”...maybe Eugene was referring to Rap’s mom? I thought he was was talking about his own mom. This line made me think he didn’t have a good relationship with her, but Eugene and his mom got along very well in this story.
"I don't know," she said, "Maybe if you tell her the truth about the books, she'll give them another chance? With a new set of eyes?"

"Yeah," he said, "Maybe you're right. I mean, She is old enough. But can she really keep it to herself?"

"She can," Rapunzel quickly said, "I mean, of course you have to explain the procedure of it though. But once she understands it, she'll be able to keep it to herself."
So. I can’t help but think something magical and supernormal happened. Maybe reincarnation or alternative universe transfer or time leap. “Explain the procedure” doesn’t sound like a writer talking about their writing. Lowl
11/6/2020 c1 187Ribeiro1896
Such a cute story, I loved it

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