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5/15 c28 1The Scribe of Death
Holy shit, I don't know how, but, some way, somehow, you managed to make an even more boring and pathetic cast of characters than in the cannon version. What the fuck.

Like, you had all of the building blocks of a good story, all of the ones of omething incredible, and you made your main character a useless fucking wrecking ball, like, seriously, that quirk is one of THE most useless quirks I have ever heard of.

Instead of giving Izuku something interesting or useful, you gave him the single most useless quirk in the entire series. AFO is literally only useful if its in the hands of a villain or vigialante.

Even worse, the actual quirks you ended up giving him, that I will be refering to as wrecking ball and finger paint respectively, are BOTH circumstantial as hell.

Wrecking ball is an exclusively offensive quirk that is only good fo instant hit takedowns and nothing else. You made fucking Midoriya into a linebacker, congrats, that totally doesn't go against his personality or fighting style...

Finger paint is just literally useless and any other quirk AT ALL could easily be put into it's place with no real consequences.

I can understand the attempt to try and mirror the gifting of OFA, but to do that, the two quirks have to be SOMEWHAT equivalent for the symbolism to work. Finger painting does not equate out to OFA, even remotely.

So while you gave your main character some piece of shit quirks that are literally useless, you thought it was a great idea to give the already VERY BROKEN Todaroki ANOTHER ELEMENTAL QUIRK.

Make it make sense, you nerfed the MC down to literally useless levels but gave the already very broken elementalist even more elemental power and an additional 6 years of experience under his belt with it while Izuku is in basically the same situation he was in with cannon, just without any of the power or benefits of OFA... please make it make sense.
4/3 c28 AvideReader99220
I overall liked this fic, but I would say that it's kind of sad how little Izuku has actually used AFO or "Graft". I mean he basically has never used it other than in the first part of the story and we have only seen him really train with it like once that I can remember off the top of my head? Lets also be honest here, while the idea of Izuku having AFO is interesting it just doesn't really work with him as a hero. It would work better with him as a Vigilante if not even just a villain / anti-hero.
2/20 c3 Alice Scarlett Knabel
you should have given him his actual quirk back velocity control
7/12/2023 c6 SaltySwan
It dawned on me pretty early into the chapter and by recalling the description of this fanfic... "oh, he's giving Izuku AFO's original quirk."
5/16/2023 c6 Guest
I think that you’re mistaken about something. AFO can turn on and off Mutation quirks inside of his body.
5/7/2023 c1 Guest
That is hilarious... I was searching for a Deku with Gojo's Eix Eyes and was given a dude with literally six eyes. I might just read this for the irony of it.
2/12/2023 c28 Mernom
That's a terrifyingly powerful Quirk, at least against low to mid tier threats.
2/9/2023 c3 Mernom
Guessing: All for One itself didn't disappear either, and it found its place in a certain kid...
2/9/2023 c2 Mernom
A big benefit of this site is that the app is white good (as long as it doesn't get stuck in a power sucking frenzy, at least). I usually listen to stories over tts, while doing other things. The only ao3 app I know of is unofficial, so there's probably functionality gaps in it.

If ao3 had an on par app, I would probably migrate over (once I'm done with my backlog at least).
1/26/2023 c28 8Cosmyk Angel
Hatsume is a terror, but I love her
1/17/2023 c1 Burnt Regrets
Overhaul is going to be PISSED. Which means he might go full throttle on Eri more often. Making this a VERY bad thing for future heroes as there might be a higher quantity of QE bullets
10/7/2022 c25 1Omnireceptacle
Why even give him all for one if it's going to play an absolutely minor part for the entirety of the story, pretty much
7/17/2022 c28 9Dregus
jeeze, giving Kouda a kind of reverse empath ability to make people feel his is absurd.
6/27/2022 c28 5Knightmare Lord
What did my boy Kouji do?
6/25/2022 c28 Harleking31

Somebody had to get that intimidating aura quirk, but the fact that it was Koda is fucking hilarious
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