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5/27 c11 Llor kcir
Izumis platonic harem
5/5 c32 Tsherlock
good job
4/1 c22 Boomer4theWin
The rule regarding flyers sets a stupid precedent: When the Hero-course students graduate, and fight a FLYING-villain, what are they supposed to do?Tell them that's not fair. You're only allowed to fly for twenty seconds at a time, so that I have a better chance of beating you by TECHNICALITY/DISQUALIFICATION. Yeah. That will work.
3/3 c32 KakerotBardocksn
Utter garbage.
2/6 c10 Some Guy
This chapter of Izumi reminds me of Marisa.
1/28 c32 YKW
What’s next? You gonna give all the chicks dicks?!
1/27 c32 The Man
Very fun story. I enjoyed it a lot.
1/25 c2 16Luciendar
Is calling her quirk "Symbology" a Boondock Saints reference?
1/7 c10 Paulthored
Interesting fact about Diamonds...
. Despite being the top of the mohs hardness scale... They shatter into Dust with a sufficiently strong & sudden impact.

A child can shatter diamonds, given a hammer and a place on which to strike said diamonds.

They'll of course handle Gradual Pressure easily.
. But I was watching a Old Smurfs tv show rerun, and it cottoned me onto that point.
12/14/2021 c32 5Natsumi-Tenshi
this story is amazing just love everything about this. Izumi feels strong but balanced and thee love between her and Momo is just adorable! please continue this story!
12/7/2021 c32 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
11/4/2021 c32 CraptasticName
I have no words but these. I love this fic, it's cute af.
10/30/2021 c32 dangerverse
10/28/2021 c32 Veonix
Excited for the next chapter!
10/21/2021 c4 BlackBasalisk
Of course she should say that! Have you seen her mon!?
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