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6/8 c10 Ruinking12
Love the three houses Byleth reference I thought that’s what you were doing finally figured it out here
5/21 c29 mddomene
Izumi really is the bottom.
5/21 c11 mddomene
Izumi is so cute that it hurts. The screaming and running thing made me smile.
5/9 c21 SuperSonic2654
Correctionwhy would anybody not do this
5/5 c16 dylansandy1993
I wasn't ready to enjoy reading this story

I have been proven wrong!

it's adorable and fluffy and thiiiicccc.

jokes aside, I do like the story quite a bit. though the sense that the story is T is really prevalent which makes me feel bad if Momo isn't going to get any closure with her feelings. I love it when there are... conclusions to relationships in stories and not tension forever.

just finished this chapter and wanted. to share my thoughts.
4/28 c29 jellatinous
aww, I can't tell if this was dropped or is in a slightly long update cycle. assuming the former, one thing I don't like about this is nejire (shocking I know) but this is a ikumomo ship and I don't like her pressing boundaries like that. I'm literally feeling jealous on their behalf even if they won't because lesbian magic.
4/28 c25 jellatinous
why... why does she keep delaying it!
4/28 c19 jellatinous
I feel like Momo should be jealous. and maybe become yandere like in level up
4/28 c8 jellatinous
Greenie makes a good impression of shark loli
4/27 c6 jellatinous
the hair washing felt like a good bonding moment and not anything lewd.
two things that currently bother me about this fic... ipods and byleth. ipods kinda mean steve jobs somehow exists or existed and I don't know how to feel about that. and byleth is clearly not a japanese name. and it's super annoying because now I think she's going to be the big baddie of the series or something. like she's important.
4/27 c5 jellatinous
kabedooon~ Nice.
Momo instantly shuts down het talk. Also nice.
Izumi getting her hair done with Momo's lipids. uhh cute?
4/27 c4 jellatinous
I was half expecting the lesbian bully squad to come out of nowhere and accost her for the crime of existing. glad that didn't happen. instead, I'm wondering if this club will give our girl a nice enough body to make everyone googly eyed when she takes off the mage robes. thonk
4/27 c2 jellatinous
I feel super mad about what bakugo did and hope there's some just desert coming up at some point. but thanks to that and izumi finally snapping, she gets to go on a wonderful yuriful adventure even before highschool. which to me ends this chapter on more positives than a zero sum
4/27 c29 8WordSmyth
I’d love to see the elder furthark runes play into this somehow. Like; since they already have a long history of intent they’re easier to use for single-rune spells instead of a chain of runes? Like if she casts the Fehu rune everyone’s weapons/tools get tested out of their hands because Frey (for whom the fehu rune is derived from) was a vanir god of peace and whenever he came by mortals would all lay down their arms.
4/23 c29 35Annie Matsukaze
There's a app game on the phones called Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story with lots of runes that Izumi can use for new spells with four apps that have runes in them. They're called: Runes Translator, Galaxy Runes, Book of Runes and Runic Formulas that could help her get new spells and the App: Spells and Runic Amulets can help with more as well, too.

Just look up Runes on the App Store in your phone and you'll have a lot of new runes to use for dear Izumi's inventory of spells. Some might up for out with her broom and if you can add some spells from the Flying Witch in your story would be great and Izumi would have a lot of spells to defeat the villains with and more healing spells wouldn't hurt.

Will Izumi have a familiar in the story? I believe a small dragon or wolf would work as a cat would make Aizawa-sensei to look after it and think it's a stray really. Well, it's your story. If you think my ideas were helpful, you can use them. For the Final Exams, why not just have Sir Nighteye go up again her with Momo and see if they can handle someone seeing the future.

Spells for the seeing of the future might cancel out Sir Nighteye's ability a bit I think. Though Ryukyu would be a good choose to use as well, too as this allows Izumi to show off more and have Momo help her out as there has to be a spell to make someone fat which can help Momo out really against a Dragon Quirk user really. thanks all I wish to say. I also love your story and can't wait to read the next chapter. Ja Ne.
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