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for Fairy Tail Watches DBZA

8h c1 frederic.doussineau
Can you make them react at Gohanverse after this? This could be very fun
8h c87 frederic.doussineau
After this can you make them react to gohanverse that could be very fun (emogohan prologue the actual episodes of gohanverse) and with kaoyin (idk his name cause he referance fairy tail with Ezra i think) but its on the same chanel
12/3 c87 rc
can you have them watch hellsing abriged
12/3 c87 Guest
Can you make them angry and pissed off at hercule getting the " he beat cell "treatment please now or in the future .
12/2 c87 Guest
I can see where you coming from but don’t blame the death part on TFS blame that on Toriyama , at the beginning we know the earth dragon balls can bring people back but only once so you can still feel the state as you only get one chance to get it right the but when he introduced the namekian dragon balls which can bring you back as many time as you want with no consequences as long as it not of natural causes it start to make death feel less impactful, death the first time you can be incredibly sad and angry , the second time you are a little sad but once you realize you can bring them back it the feeling starting to fade away , now the third time is when you just not care anymore when you can bring someone back Infinte time it just turn into a chore to bring them back now if they decide to kill themselves with their opponent death no longer matter as you still won in the end the villain is dead and the hero can be brought back no problem at all that why death is meaningless in dragon balls and why everyone become the way they are , especially if the fighter can still train to become stronger when they are dead like how Goku went to king kai then latter to the supreme kai to train on their land and now with the super dragon balls the natural death part also got Thanos snap along with actual death by anyone if they don’t find the super dragon balls to reverse it immortality wish ( I guess Zeno can kill them I think , I mean he did kill Infinte zamasu who suppose to be immortal thanks to the super dragon balls)

Not to mention they know what up there and it pretty good because they been there unlike us we don’t know what up there or is there even anything at all that why people in real life react to death so negatively and are so afraid of it as they believe is it the end

That all I have to say the first time sure they can react like you said and it is haughty the first time like TFS said if you die slowly , but when you do it a couple of time it just loss it meaning as it just become another thing you do everything it nothing special, like how when you first go to work you are nervous and scared of this new environment that you been put in but after a couple of days you get used to it and it just become apart of your life and you just find it a normal thing you do everyday like eating or sleeping . First time can be scary but
you eventually just get used to it over time

Goku is a bad dad jokes that one I agree with that it been overdone , I find him to be some where in the middle slightly toward the bad side a little bit
12/3 c87 epantoja521
Yeah Dragon Ball fans can be a pain in the ass and even though the series is called Dragon Ball, the Dragon Balls themselves made death pointless
12/1 c86 Guest
Didn't you say they were going to react to Buu saga?
12/1 c87 Guest
again, sad to hear that.

good chapter. pretty fine to great reactions.

i agree.
12/1 c87 JustAPerson
Take your time bro. I can understand losing motivation for things. No reason to force yourself.

But hope things go well for you in the future
12/2 c87 Eddyg125
Take your time dude no need to force yourself
11/30 c87 Guest
Could do fairy tail watch final fantasy abridged
11/30 c87 familyguysofunny
are you still doing the buu saga.
11/30 c87 Guest
If you do the dbza short of vegeta and gohan make sure you read the closed captions because it gives the communication between piccolo, kami, and nail
12/1 c87 6Eexis
I'm ashamed to say that I did fall for the entire ''Goku is a bad dad'' when watching TFS and bringing that to Canon (which really, I shouldn't have. It's an abridged series!). Don't get me wrong, I loved the abridged series and what they did with it, but it also really, really changed perspectives for what seems like the worst.

So yeah, the rants understandable. Especially because life and death still has a meaning. It's still going to hurt like hell when you see someone you love die. Sure, they'll be back, but just seeing it happen hurts.

On a more positive note, I'm excited to see how they'll react to the last part.
12/1 c87 3The Richmaster
Great job on the emotions here; especially the reactions to Gohan and the ending dragon instinct
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