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for Retreat

Wow I love it. Voldemort is able to love and show his love to Harry by doing things that Harry wants instead of going off the handles.
7/11 c17 Samael Kishi
This is a really good chapter, and an excellent end to this arc. I really like the way each one progresses.

7/11 c17 rowenasheir
LV will have to keep a firm hand without being a tyrant. What happened in the court house will be known to the outside world! people actually live simple lives. Fair schooling, reasonable prices, safe jobs, decent salaries, fair work ethics, etc. is what they want. Then they go back to being sheeple again! Remember what happened after LV first defeat? it will happen again!

LV and Harry need kids. If not their own physically, the adopt orphan parselspeakers!
7/11 c17 Arina33
I really like this story.
Why do they want to destroy the other Horcrux and not try to mend them together?
Just because it says you need to feel regret to mend them together doesen't mean there isn't another way. Or maybe Harry could be part of the ritual, he can feel regret and has part of Toms soul maybe he can mend them for Tom. And maybe he can change his looks with it.
And I would really like to have an actuell name for Voldemort maybe Marvolo.
7/10 c17 12threereasonswhy
Retreat brightens up my days, tysm!
7/10 c17 JaiJayce
Caught up on this story and absolutely love where you’ve taken it. Harry choosing Voldemort was such a powerful scene!
7/10 c17 geliahs
Hello thank you very much.
7/10 c17 Charon's Crossing
Oh! Well done! That was beautiful.
7/9 c17 Fenix Fuego
Amazing chapter.
7/9 c1 Flaira
I love this EEEK
7/9 c16 dork19bookaholic
Ooohh! Go, Harry! Loving the complexity of the f Harry/Voldemort relationship. Awesome story and chapter. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
7/9 c16 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
7/8 c16 Samael Kishi
Oooh, this is getting really tense. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

7/8 c15 oregonbird
Twist. Good twist.
7/8 c15 percabethfamily
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