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1/24 c13 Chocolate with cherries
Hi the chapter was excellent I loved it and I want to know what will happen thanks for updating
1/16 c12 Chocolate with cherries
Hello thank you for the update gohan and videl together i love it i would like to know how raditz escape and what follows because videl has dollars in his head
1/11 c11 Chocolate with cherries
Hello thank you for updating the chapter was fantastic, I love the drama I hope they continue to work on their relationship, I will wait for the next chapter to see what battle is coming.
1/11 c11 5TheJSmooth
Loki and Hela... OC huh?
Could have generated some villain names to choose from. Anyways decent chapter. Curious to see what happens next time.
12/30/2020 c10 Chocolate with cherries
hello it was a nice chapter I loved the part of the family party and especially the kiss thanks for the update
12/23/2020 c9 Chocolate with cherries
hello thanks for the chapter I hope that finally the gift brings you closer and that Mr. Satan did not ruin it and I loved the return of goku and thanks for taking the time to update
12/19/2020 c8 TheJSmooth
Honestly, format it so the dialog is separate from the actions performed by the characters. Do that and more readers will see this story. As far as stories go for these two, this isn't bad.
12/9/2020 c8 Chocolate with cherries
What a beautiful chapter I thought it would end in a kiss, I want to see how the relationship will progress, thanks for updating
11/30/2020 c6 Guest
You could improve on your writing you make a characters sound like idiots with Such dialogue

The problem with most types of stories is that they fail to portray Gohan accurately trying to portray unnecessary drama.. He Is Not A Punk.. if anything's the only rebellious thing he Can Do Is Train Enough Where he is Not Rusty just as long if it does not interrupt his study and work at the school.. if anything I feel he should also have a little bit of a hard time interacting with the other teenagers because he's more mature but Naive on How To Interact with Other Teenagers.. he may be naive but he can have somewhat of an idea what kind of person they are because he can sense ki signature and See If They are Good Person at Heart
11/30/2020 c6 Guest
How can we take the story seriously if you're going to disregard and be inconsistent of that power scaling.. Worse the backstory of some of the characters it's too unrealistic and cringey.. sometimes you add what is unnecessary and only hurt the characters
11/30/2020 c2 xxblakexx27
I don't like what Gohan became in the series either but your version of him isn't any better. You turned a likable character into a complete asshole and I suggest you quit now with this story. I like the idea of a stronger more confident Gohan but the person you came up with is just another vegeta posing as Gohan. I don't know how you can call yourself a fan of Gohan and completely ruin his personality. He can be a stronger person without being an angry dick.
11/30/2020 c7 Chocolate with cherries
hi thanks for updating it was an exciting chapter don't wait for gohan and videl to have a french kiss it was perfect i will wait for the next chapter
11/24/2020 c6 BIGDZ
Another good chapter, all that really needs work is the formatting. It is very blocky and hard to follow.
11/20/2020 c5 Guest
This is pretty good so far power scaling always seems to get in the way of somethings and make it feel like there can be no consequences without a huge big bad also seeing gohan take a more human/sayian reaction everything instead of brushing off his past is nice
11/13/2020 c4 Guest
I'm sorry but this is crap writing there's no way going with lose to mercenary Tao . if you can literally destroy planets in his base form.. I'm sorry but I'm dropping the store because it's far too inconsistent it's clear you have no respect for the character.

Rage Does Amplfy power. Not Lower it

If you completely different thing if mercenary Tao was modified Again by The Red Ribbon Army and one ofcDr. Gerobandriods.

Again your story is not realistic in the slightest even in Dragon Ball standard
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