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4/29 c13 Jcthagreat
Damn some of these reviews are harsh, yes the story is not perfect but it's got me hooked anyways and I adore this pairing, so keep up the good work and thank you for giving us this content.

BTW the lemon was a nice surprise ;) , respect
3/16 c2 CoG.EMIYA
I wonder how Gohan could hide his super saiyan form with his anger issues. Also, I'm looking for the earthquakes and thunderstorms building like how Goku transform for the First time.
2/22 c5 1Nevarus
why does Gohan have problems with his hand? senzu beans fix that...
2/18 c15 6yunayuu
This was much better to read, great work! The paragraphs were good, the speeches still need a little bit of work on them but it was enough to understand things for now, keep going! I liked the idea of using the north mythology, I did guess that you'd use it when you introduced Loki and Hella, it's going to be interesting seeing Gohan as Thor! Keep up the good work!
2/4 c13 yunayuu
Well... I'm not here to be harsh, as I do like the plot of your story, but you need to work your writing. This chapter felt way too rushed, every sentence (not to mention the endless paragraph that is a block in every chapter) felt like there was such urge for the next action that I felt anxious. That's not a good thing.
You need to separate the speeches, you need to specify who is talking and who's answering. Description is the key. I couldn't understand a thing that happened between Mirai and Vegeta. Who was having a headache? Who asked to be punched?
The same goes with Goku and Gohan's fight with the villains, and yes, with Videl at the end. Try to reread the whole chapter once you're done, go take a walk, reread again. Improve yourself. If you need help I can try to help you edit the story, but you need to put description in this whole writing. I'm not telling you to stop, keep going because that's how you'll improve, but you need to pay attention to the little details, do many paragraphs, separate dialogues, description.
Good Luck
2/2 c2 1stickerine887
Nobody is even likeable in this story... Gohan is an asshole because of how he acts, video is an asshole for obvious reasons, lime is even more of an asshole because she is defending videl
1/24 c13 Chocolate with cherries
Hi the chapter was excellent I loved it and I want to know what will happen thanks for updating
1/16 c12 Chocolate with cherries
Hello thank you for the update gohan and videl together i love it i would like to know how raditz escape and what follows because videl has dollars in his head
1/11 c11 Chocolate with cherries
Hello thank you for updating the chapter was fantastic, I love the drama I hope they continue to work on their relationship, I will wait for the next chapter to see what battle is coming.
1/11 c11 5TheJSmooth
Loki and Hela... OC huh?
Could have generated some villain names to choose from. Anyways decent chapter. Curious to see what happens next time.
12/30/2020 c10 Chocolate with cherries
hello it was a nice chapter I loved the part of the family party and especially the kiss thanks for the update
12/23/2020 c9 Chocolate with cherries
hello thanks for the chapter I hope that finally the gift brings you closer and that Mr. Satan did not ruin it and I loved the return of goku and thanks for taking the time to update
12/19/2020 c8 TheJSmooth
Honestly, format it so the dialog is separate from the actions performed by the characters. Do that and more readers will see this story. As far as stories go for these two, this isn't bad.
12/9/2020 c8 Chocolate with cherries
What a beautiful chapter I thought it would end in a kiss, I want to see how the relationship will progress, thanks for updating
11/30/2020 c6 Guest
You could improve on your writing you make a characters sound like idiots with Such dialogue

The problem with most types of stories is that they fail to portray Gohan accurately trying to portray unnecessary drama.. He Is Not A Punk.. if anything's the only rebellious thing he Can Do Is Train Enough Where he is Not Rusty just as long if it does not interrupt his study and work at the school.. if anything I feel he should also have a little bit of a hard time interacting with the other teenagers because he's more mature but Naive on How To Interact with Other Teenagers.. he may be naive but he can have somewhat of an idea what kind of person they are because he can sense ki signature and See If They are Good Person at Heart
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