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9/21 c67 15Vanessa Masters
"Well, a Wrackspurt is a creature that tend to influence a person's personality. Most people can't see them since their hides have special properties, and even if you manage to see one you'll never be able to tell them apart from appearances alone. But they all have similar effects on those they cling to. Moodiness, short tempers, sudden laughter, and sometimes they cause a person, usually boys, to be quite focused on how girls look when they wear tighter clothing."

Feeling his eyes widen as he realized that he had just encouraged the girl to have THAT type of conversation, Harry thankfully felt his panic morph into confusion as the blonde continued her explanation.

"Which is why I was confused since its only recently that I've come across people who have creatures that are like Wrackspurts, but not Wrackspurts, hanging around them. But you, its like you partially merged with one that wasn't fully developed. Which is weird cause I thought that Wrackspurts were born fully grown."

He didn't think it was possible.

But for the first time, he actually found himself missing the likes of Granger or Malfoy.

Because while they were both pains in his ass, Granger more than Malfoy due to the fact that it was easier to deal with a racist than a grade-grubbing teacher's pet, he could at least understand their thought process.

But this girl?

He had a feeling that there was no amount of liquor or recreational drugs, at least in the amounts he could easily get if he wanted, that would allow him to understand her thought process. At

However, since she was merely odd rather than annoying, plus the fact that he was predicting that her tenure at Hogwarts would include a fairly constant amount of bullying and isolation, Harry decided to do something he rarely did for those that weren't part of his 'inner circle'.

He said nothing, discreetly plugged in his earphones, and allowed the girl to talk herself into exhaustion as he listened to some heavy metal.

Yes it was rude.

But since the alternative was finding another compartment, or allowing other more irritating people to share his compartment if he kicked her out, he judged it to be a small sacrifice.

Cause after all, he didn't really care what his fellow students thought of him.

So long as they were smart enough to leave him alone.


You should listen to her, Harry.

She sees your demon hide!

Also, Dobby, Harry doesn't need your help.
9/21 c67 kaiser0kolovos
Oh yeah, there was a brief mention in Ginny's mind last chapter about Loona wearing clothes that Molly wouldn't approve of. Glad to see that get brought to the forefront and starting an argument.

Blitz meeting and arguing with Molly does feel like two protective parents butting heads, Molly wants to protect her children from 'indecency' while Blitz doesn't want anyone judging his daughter.
9/20 c67 LurkerReader007
Poor Dobby. Harry Potter may have tolerated his efforts to "help" him, but Harry Knolastname will definitely not be as patient or understanding of the house-elf. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if Millie decides to turn him into a pretzel when she learns he's bothering her boy.
9/20 c67 7zakan
Finally, the second year begins!
9/20 c49 Nathair1
have to all for hedwig, should be "have to call for hedwig"
9/20 c48 Nathair1
your pay cheque in half, should be "your paycheck"
9/20 c44 Nathair1
theatrical knowledge must be blended, should be "theoretical knowledge must be blended"

who do the same, should be "who would do the same"
9/20 c67 grx1318
I hope that even if it happens in a roundabout way, Harry and Luna can be friends. Her "loony-ness" could be quite useful.
9/20 c67 Midgarosormr
Hah, if this doesn't end with Harry finally going full on Demon-Dragon and eating the basilisk or something, I'll weep for the lost opportunity.
9/19 c67 Guest
Fantastic chapter, also the resurrection of Vader Goblin's Bane? As Frank West would say "Fantastic" (he's covered wars ya know)
9/19 c67 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
9/19 c67 6Mando-Vet
Lol, this was a riot
9/19 c67 8Jebest4781
Great entry and will be interesting to see how things will progress from here.
9/19 c67 7SwordOfTheGods
This was a set-up chapter without a doubt, but I can't wait to see what insanity comes up with Harry's second year. I wonder, are Wrackspurts real here, or is Luna seeing something else? Perhaps her family has a deamon somewhere in their lineage that allows them to see demonic influence but also carries a form of insanity? Clearly she can sense Horcruxes if she felt the Diary on Ginny, so there must be something to what she's saying. The only question is, how long will it be before Harry realizes she's not totally nuts and that she might actually be useful?

Keep up the great work!
9/19 c67 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
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