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for Helluva Wizard

10/1 c49 Nathair1
can't wait for more

*sigh* when will draco learn to keep his "bloodline purity" nonsense to himself? if he keeps it up, he won't last that much longer
9/18 c40 4Verdauga
Puberty speedrun
9/18 c38 Verdauga
Oh, surprise.
9/18 c30 Verdauga
Hagrid is cool.
9/18 c30 Verdauga
Psychologically tormenting Snape is always good.
9/18 c25 Verdauga
Interesting perspective from Big G.
9/18 c24 Verdauga
Bonding is nice.
Blitzo is. Infuriating. Like dude. Fair depiction, but wow.
9/18 c23 Nathair1
great story, so far

honestly wasn't expecting harry to be similar to, or is, a DRAGON of all things

is harry a parseltongue in this story? that question has been bugging my mind for a while after i started reading this great story

i LOVE the song octavia sang to harry, it's one of my favorites
9/18 c22 Verdauga
9/18 c20 Verdauga
Ooh, Dragon.

Also, fuck Val.
9/18 c18 Verdauga
I didn't even consider both Loona and Octavia, but yes, that is my favorite.
9/18 c17 Verdauga
I mean, I would vote for Octavia.
Also, kidnapping is quite concerning.
9/17 c48 Battlesny
by rounded version of Dumbledore do you mean that guy that used to be skinny and green before coca cola gave him diabetes and turned him red? because the fat red version is a commercial figure, the green skinny one is a mythological one.
9/17 c3 Verdauga
9/17 c2 Verdauga
Protective Loona us Good.
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