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9/17 c33 JustAFan123
9/17 c33 ra.joligon
wait, wait, wait if Harry is not in Hogwarts during Halloween...Herms would most likely die(seeing as Ron didn't think of her when they were being escorted back in the books so then missing a chance to rescue her)
9/16 c33 1Raven of the Whiplash
Very well made fic with a great flow!
9/16 c33 AnimeGoji91
Look like Harry going to visit his adoptive Grandparents, Uncles and Aunt too!
9/16 c26 UndeadHatter
Ok I have to say it. First of all cool story, but I don't understand the writing of some swear words and then the censorship of others. I mean in this chapter you have the word bitch in one paragraph and the very next paragraph the same word is censored. it's been like that all through out the story. I don't get it.
9/16 c33 Maleusgrimm
Great Chapter.
So is Striker now hired by someone else? The Relationship between Stella and Stolas is in this Story far better than in canon. If Hermine dies will she show up in Hell or Heaven?
9/15 c33 1RavenMadHatter
Ohh I look forward to the rest of the episode, this episode is one where I find the relationship between Blitzo and Stolas portrayed as more negative and demeaning to Blitzo. But also show that while Blitzo is very insecure about their relationship he actually does cares a great deal about Stolas when he is fighting Striker. While the newest episode shows that Stolas cares for him in return. Now it will be interesting to see how things turn out what with Stella having joined the relationship and Harry with his powers to help out.
Plus I look forward to the family reunion :D
9/14 c33 AvidReader2425
Thank you very much for another entertaining chapter. Not really sure how Harry has come across as cowardly at all, but cautious considering the mandate to go to his school was given by Lucifer himself, so some caution is understandable lol. Also very curious on what will happen to Hermione.
9/14 c28 1NHarem Foreva
Could have sworn snakes were with lions in first year potions XD
9/14 c26 NHarem Foreva
Damn, was hoping Harry would get Stella :/
9/12 c33 RQ Quest
Please don't killed hermione she just a kid who wants to be the beat and have friends.
9/11 c27 ra.joligon
Dude kinda harsh on what ye did to Herms, she's a know it all yes but that is a character flaw of hers just like how quick temper is Ron's. Unlike Ron who could befriend Seamus and Dean, nobody really likes in the school due to that she sticks to their Trio for the most part, added to the fact that she's muggle born makes it worse
9/10 c33 RyantheSamurai
Looks like hermoinie might have no one to save her from the troll, though she did break down earlier so we'll see. The dumbledore line about not trusting himself with real power just doesn't make sense considering all his positions in high society/politics. Maybe harry can fix it with a future killing spree of around half of all wizengamot members.
9/10 c33 heartfanglives
Very curious on who Dumbledore is going to have try and follow and if it works. Also really curious on what you do with hermione. Will someone save her or will she die and become a demon? Very curious to see what happened. Also like that Sirius is alive and am looking forward to when they learn more about him.
9/10 c2 ra.joligon
I secod a Harry x Luna W
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