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for Pretty Cure Mashup Team: Wonder Beauty

4/28 c4 4KittyNoir123
O-o (that one kid who watched the Glitter Force Version once ;-;
2/5 c17 Guest
Let me put it properly.

Excuse me need help. I did ideas giveaways which some of are Pretty Cure ideas on a page in the form of comments at this Wikia, All Anime Fanon and Fandoms and I want more people to see them and maybe adopt a few of them which my ideas giveaways are for everyone which means more than one person can adopt the same idea to do there very own separate version like for example, a series can be adopted by one person to do as there own version, the same series can be adopted again by another person to do as there own version etc. So I was wondering if you tell more people about them like on Fandom Of Pretty Cure Wikia etc. And/or adopt some ideas please.

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