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11/27/2020 c4 Guest
I really like the story. I hope to see you continue to upload.
11/27/2020 c4 LoyalToaster
It seems like you're doing better with setting a scene and not just jumping around with the plot, which is nice, but it still feels like there is more to go. I had to do a couple takes and rereading when you jumped scenes, especially when Percy was dehydrating the Nomu and then you jumped to 5 minutes before hand, or when Percy stepped into the Styx and he was suddenly under a tree. Descriptions of what is happening, page breaks, and setting the scene are all very important, you know? Keep it up tho, I still really like where you are going with this!
11/27/2020 c4 3BigBoii225
Loved it
11/27/2020 c4 1Miguelonti
this was a good chapter I liked how the fight scenes were keep up the good work and have a great day
11/27/2020 c4 2AtomicGod666
Interesting story cant wait for more!
11/27/2020 c4 1YhwachTheIrregular
Great chap, can’t wait for the next one
11/27/2020 c4 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and man that was nuts 0-0
11/25/2020 c3 3BigBoii225
Can’t wait for the next one
11/21/2020 c3 8CRUDEN
Love the chapter, I will say that your transitions between scenes could use some work but I think overall it was a pretty good chapter.
11/20/2020 c3 Posaitan
I like this start. I think Sally should tell him soon about his father. Percy is at least 15 and I don't think a stronger demigod scent should affect him in Japan if he's been completely left alone so far. Also thinking his quirk is limited to hydrokinesis and all speak limits him a bit. Storms and earthquakes should be in his capabilities if he is still a son of Poseidon. I guess you haven't explicitly stated that the Greek gods are real in this story yet. I was kind of hoping that Japanese mythology would be around as well but it is completely unnecessary to add.
11/20/2020 c3 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter :)
11/13/2020 c2 8CRUDEN
Momopedia, that's catchy hope you don't mind if I steal that.
Love the interactions everyone has especially Percy and Momo, I like the back and forth they are developing. Same with Mina, hope you give other characters some time as well.
11/13/2020 c2 4Gamelover41592
This has potential let’s see where this goes
11/13/2020 c2 LuisAU
cool chapter cant wait to read the next one!
11/13/2020 c2 Guest
This is a really interesting story.
Looking forward to chapter 3.
Have you decided on a pairing for Percy yet?
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