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for The Journal Of Richard J Cunningham

11/23/2020 c2 Dino girl 16
Wow! I wasn't expecting a second chapter, but I'll take it! While this isn't one of my favorite episodes I like the way you write it. It seems very true to how Richie probably felt in that episode, from being naturally curious about the opposite gender (possibly) to wanting to be cool, to the feelings of doing something wrong and just 'knowing' he's gonna get caught, to thinking his dad did something bad. You wrote this very well! I like how you portray Richie in this chapter, it's very true to his early protral, wanting to be cool and accepted, and feeling his good heart and good upbringing get in the way of that. However what he has yet to learn is that's what makes him cool! That, along with his stand for what's right, is what earned him the respect of Fonzie. I love how you write him, keeping true to his character while he tries to figure himself out. The lessons of the show still shine through to me and I think that's cool! Can't wait for more! God bless you and your loved ones and keep you all safe! D-gal
11/9/2020 c1 Dino girl 16
Oh my goodness! This story was AMAZING! I love it soooo much! I adore Happy Days and this story captured this episode and the show's spirit perfectly! I loved this episode, it seemed the perfect way for them to become friends! I just adored the way you wrote Richie, just as endearingly adorakable and cute as he is!:) I laughed and smiled like crazy throughout this story! You captured everyone so perfectly! You just wrote my new favorite story! You should DEFINITELY write more for Happy Days! Maybe Fonzies side of the story or another Richie story(not gonna argue with that! Lol;) When I write a diary entry for a character I want it to be as good as this! Definitely a great amazing stupendous spectacular job! Keep up the great amazing stupendous spectacular work! May God richly bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe! God bless you all! As a writer you've got it made in the shade!:). D-gal:)
Sorry,but like Richie I'm such a nerd!:) Bye!

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