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for Crossing the Water

5/16 c23 1Massive HTTYD Fan
Okay, two things I REALLY want to say.

One, Hades in chains genuinely hurt me. I'm pretty sure I cried watching that because God, he shouldn't have been in them. (He looked good from an aesthetic point of view. It just. He's too powerful for chains.) Fully sympathise with Hadie.

The other thing: given that it's a stupid ass decision, we've elected to ignore it, was a great reference.

Also, love the reaction to everyone forgiving Audrey and Leah.
5/15 c1 Massive HTTYD Fan
Okay, gay Chip makes me happy. As does Harriet and Sammy together.
5/9 c13 Eliza
Ben I hate to say this, but that reminds me of who I ran into today at Timber Falls. I was golfing with my mom, Chris, my uncle Aaron, and my uncle Jason and I had seen my former friend Carver Goodman and I didn't even say hey to him because he probably wants me to get back together with Eli Boppart, but that's NEVER gonna happen or he wants to get back to being friends with me because the last time I had seen him was September 19th of last year at Paws For A Cause and then I run into him today at Timber Falls while I'm golfing with my mom, Chris, my uncle Aaron, and my uncle Jason and my uncle Jason had heard him say to me,"Hey Eliza."
4/21 c18 GruesomeChaos
I don’t know if this has been brought up but what you thought was a tail was actually Ben’s gloves. In later scenes he has the gloves on and clearly has no tail.
4/1 c4 Eliza
3/3 c9 17ScoutGinevera
I had to laugh when you announced Mal's birthday is June the 11th. As that's my birthday, and this is like one of my favourite descendants stories.
2/28 c24 Guest
Can we talk about how messed up it is that they all honestly react to things like the viewing is reality? The future has several paths, and this is a possibility. Kitty and her sisters get on my absolute last nerve.
2/21 c24 Guest
FINALLY IVE BEEN WAITING FOR UMA AND HARRY TO GET TOGETHER! Thank you! Another amazing chapter keep up the good work
2/21 c24 Misabeth
A great story!
Harry and Uma are finally together.
It was a great ending but I hope there will be a sequel! Pleeeeaaaaase
2/21 c24 19Sorceress of Magic
Awww that was a perfect way to end it! I didn’t realize I needed the satisfaction of Harry and uma finally together. Loved it loved it!
2/21 c24 CaitlinMariann
I cannot believe that it’s almost over!

I absolutely love the series and I don’t know what I’m going to do after :(
2/21 c24 billyandkimfan1994
Sad that this story has ended. Finally Uma and Harry are together. Ben looked so nervous meeting Hades for the first time.
2/20 c24 lilyflower101
I'm sad that this is over. But I can't wait to find out what happens next.
2/20 c24 21twilightgirl587
Ahhhhh so many feels! It’s over :,(
2/20 c24 6epiiphxny
I am so sad it's over but I am so excited there's more coming! ;) I LOVED the Harry & Uma part, they are so cute (not as cute as Bal), but still totally adorable! AA! I can't stop squealing. I adored Mal and Ben's reactions to the Hades part. I really love your stories and I'm like a proud mother because of how much you've written! It's genuinely inspirational! I cannot wait for more! Fabulous job! THE END (for now)! :)
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