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for Crossing the Water

2/4 c21 Tracie Adams
Omg this is almost over so are we going to get a story before Mal and Ben wedding or is all in one in are we going to see the books when they characters read it
2/4 c21 28Bananaboat2009
Ooh, I'd love to see one-shots about my headcannon things


When Leah said that no one loved Audrey more than she did, I just, no, no Leah, we all hate you, so get your demented ass AWAY from Audrey

Um, Mal tends to zone out of boring meetings, so most of the time she's just making things up but it's good so people think she planned it out, idk
2/4 c21 Mushishixxxholic
Love ️
2/4 c21 4danifan3000
maybe Carlos could talk to Chad about claustrophobia since Carlos seemed to have it in wicked world. when Zevon trapped Jay, Carlos, Jane, and Freddie in Jordan's lamp after shrinking them, Carlos was having a panic attack saying the the walls were closing in, until Freddie pointed out that with their current perspective the inside of the lamp was 10 times bigger than his dorm room (thinking about the Aladdin movie-itty bitty living space my ass).

honestly with Leah suggesting she give Audrey true love's kiss here I wonder if anyone is going to point out that she doesn't seem to try it on screen.

plus I wonder if Leah is going to root for Audrey to blast Mal out of the sky only for everyone to hear her. and if Audrey steps down from the throne, I wonder if Leah having no shame is going to start acting like Philip Jr. is her favorite.
2/4 c21 36AliceCullen3
2/4 c21 LadyWinchester23
"Quoi qu'il en soit, je t'aime Audrey. Veuillez vous réveiller." I'm assuming you wanted to say something like "please wake up" in which case it's not veuillez vous réveiller but (s'il-te-plaît) réveille toi ((the?)French language is a nightmare even for those of us who are native speakers so don't worry you're not the only one to make mistakes ) Otherwise it was a brilliant chapter and I cannot wait for the next one.
2/4 c21 Guest
I kinda hope they punish Audrey a bit more than in the movie but that they also take into account what she was going through before she stole Malificent's scepter and the fact that none of the events of the movie (except for the stealing) happened yet.
2/4 c21 Guest
Love it. I was worried about how you would do this scene but I love it
2/4 c21 ObsidianDarkArrow
Loved the chapter! Can't wait for more! Also could you include someone just giving a beautiful right hook punch to Leah and natalie if so that would be amazing.
2/3 c20 billyandkimfan1994
Glad that Emir and Akiho had Uma and Harry protect Chad from Audrey. I wonder what punishment Audrey is going to face in the future for stealing the crown and specter.
2/1 c20 SapphireKiddTaeyeon
this is wonderful, I had a few doubts but they were totally unfounded, great job
2/1 c20 smc-smfan1
it's good & calling leah queen bat was funny
1/31 c20 13Kaybugg1
Mega cool chapter. I loved the previous chapter too.

Poor Ben, Audrey and Chad.
1/31 c20 lilyflower101
I wonder if Leah and Natalie will change there tunes before on screen Leah does.
1/31 c20 6epiiphxny
AHHHH! I probably annoyed all of my neighbors with that Bal talk. They are SO adorable, I cannot handle all this extra stuff that the movies sadly did not give us, haha! What a wonderful chapter! I'm so excited for more! :)
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