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for Crossing the Water

2/20 c24 lilyflower101
I'm sad that this is over. But I can't wait to find out what happens next.
2/20 c24 21twilightgirl587
Ahhhhh so many feels! It’s over :,(
2/20 c24 6epiiphxny
I am so sad it's over but I am so excited there's more coming! ;) I LOVED the Harry & Uma part, they are so cute (not as cute as Bal), but still totally adorable! AA! I can't stop squealing. I adored Mal and Ben's reactions to the Hades part. I really love your stories and I'm like a proud mother because of how much you've written! It's genuinely inspirational! I cannot wait for more! Fabulous job! THE END (for now)! :)
2/20 c24 smc-smfan1
it was awesome! thanks. sorry to repeat this question IF they ever make the 4th movie will you put it in here, also just wondering can you do Frozen 1 & 2 watch the movie fics, I would like to see how you would do them & what comments you would put in-between the script & the 'cast' watching it.
2/20 c24 13Kaybugg1
Loved it! Loved all of it! I can't wait for the next story!

Also i cheered when Natalie was punched.
2/20 c24 1Imagine-Epic
So I have been binging all of these stories and I. Am. Obsessed. This is the first time I'm reviewing because I have literally just been rereading this series over and over again. Thank you for writing these. Thank you for being sarcastic and filling in some blanks for how stuff is set up! Just... Thank you!
2/20 c24 Katie2001
I have been a part of this series since the beginning essentially and have loved it since I introduce my sister and she has loved it since we can't wait for the next story
2/20 c24 36AliceCullen3
2/20 c24 Guest
Love it
2/20 c24 5OceanBlueSeaEyes
Well now we get to see the aftermath...Question is will it be continued from here or a whole new fic
2/20 c24 12AmethystDragon14
I read this chapter with both pride and sadness. its hard to believe that after *4 years* you have finally finished all three viewing stories.
I am so so so so *SO* proud of you Ginny! Watching the Movie stories aren't the easiest but you stuck to it and never gave up! :D :D As I have said before is has been an *ABSOLUTE PLEASURE* to be your unofficial 'Beta' for these stories. I have *absolutely LOVED* every *minute* and have watched each chapter come out with pride! I can only hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! And I look forward to any help I may be able to give with next break story. :D
Once again I am *so* proud and can't wait to see where you take The Last Bridge. :D
See you in The Last Bridge! :D :D
2/20 c24 CrystalKaouri
I need more... I NEED MORE!

Ginny, I am hooked like a sluggish bottom feeder! I need my fix!

(Deep slow breath) Okay, I'm calm.

I love this story, and hate that it's ended, but I'm glad there will be one more. The moment between Uma and Harry was cute and I couldn't stop laughing at Harry and Jay going back and forth. I'm looking forward to seeing where things go from here, and I fully expect Leah and Natalie to get their comeuppance. Mal and her family bringing happy... So excited for that!

If the next story prompts any creative ideas, feel free to use any I come up with. My brain is at your disposal.

See you next time!
2/20 c24 Maybelle Rose
Can't belive the story is over. :( Atleast there is a squel, :D.
FINALLY Uma and Harry expressed their feelings to each other!
I always found that dance move Ben did toward Uma werid. lol.
2/20 c24 1Miststormdrift
Ohhhh its over! I really enjoyed this story. This movie is my least favourite out the three so thank you for making it more enjoyable! I cant wait till the royal wedding
2/20 c24 1Turnabout Of The Shadows
I'm eager to see how this ends. You know, about the grudges thing... You don't think Mal would be fine living with blood on her hands over a grudge, do you? Me, I can't see her being able to kill say, Uma over that 8 year old grudge, and sleep just fine at night especially given her past with Uma and the furthest apple from the Maleficent tree. But, now that I think about it: Mal probably had plenty of chances to end her as a kid (and Uma the same to Mal), but despite those near chances... they'd always lose heart before the killing blow and/or refuse to let their friends do the work saying, "I'll kill her myself".
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