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2/20 c24 27Creator of Magic
2/20 c24 14TheRanger'sDaughter
Well this story is over but I am looking forward to the next story, The Last Bridge. I enjoyed this chapter and everyone singing their song. I love how you finally got Uma and Harry to kiss and acknowledge their feelings for each other. It is sad though that they will be separated again at least till Ben and Mal work on getting Harry back of the Isle again. I love how upset everyone is that Audrey is just wondering around why how this is going on. It is like the day after I would still have someone watching her Ben. Also there is no Leah (which just confirms my stance that her 'apology' last chapter is not a real one).
2/20 c24 4danifan3000
Ally and Freddie are a couple here? that sounds cute. in the school of secrets web series, there's an unknown character from Auradon that says Mr. Smee is his great uncle. with Carlos off the isle Cruella probably made Diego do Carlos's old "jobs"

I've heard some fan theories that Jay is actually Aladdin's son that Jafar kidnapped. and with the fan theories that Dr. Facilier is Uma's dad, coupled with the fact that Dr. Facilier was originally written as Mama Odie's son, it adds to the theory with the fact that the end credits of D3 have Uma singing "dig a little deeper."
2/20 c24 LadyWinchester23
"Jay, may I borrow that pillow s'il vous plaît?" Kitty asked" they're friends so it's not vous (you'd use that for an adult or someone you don't know) but toi so it's s'il te plaît (French is still weird).
Loved this chapter, adored what Harriet did to Natalie (it was hilarious really) and congratulations on another amazing story.
2/20 c24 Mata631
Okay I loved this chapter there's no words I love that were left on a cliffhanger with Uma but also I'm very happy that Harry and Uma started out their stuff and don't we all just love Hades
2/20 c24 12Technobabble1
Harriet calling herself Captain Hook was low-key badass.

I'm disappointed Emir and Akiho couldn't make it, but I get it, it's hard to find Extras who match sometimes.

Not surprised Lady Tremaine is sweeter to her grandkids than actual ones, it's not uncommon.

the Audrey thing where they get so frustrated they revert to their native language is actually a good gag. The Agrabah contingent next?

I know it's Fanfiction 101 to up the abusive drama of the villain parents, but I always got the vibe Evil Queen and Jafar at least tried. Jay's sigil spamming cobras made me think he was the proudest. So I wouldn't be wholly surprised if Evie and Jay wanted to see their parents again.
2/20 c24 4761394
Good story
2/20 c24 ObsidianDarkArrow
Ok first off...THANK YOU! Finally the right hook punch comes into play! Secondly Amazing Chapter Loved every single bit of it. Lastly will there be anymore of this series like bridging the gap?
2/20 c24 medical ranger
I could not have written a better ending. Perfect as always,Thank you for writing this story.
Until next time
2/20 c24 HannahShan
Wow this story was so good, you are such a talented writer. Excited for when the sequel comes out, whenever that is. xxx
2/20 c24 Tracie Adams
Omg what the name for the next story so ready for Mal and Ben Royal wedding so excited to see it all
2/20 c24 1Urmimala Hazra
I really love the chapter... especially mal locking up uma and Harry to find their feelings about each other...this story is really good...and I'll be eagerly waiting for the sequel in this series...awesome book.. awesome writing and more..love it
2/20 c24 2LeanneJordan
hfkdhgfg I loved this chapter so so so much! UMA AND HARRY FINALLY GOT TOGEYHER

I loved the interjections in this chapter too!

im excited for the final instalment in this series, and i loved this story so much aaaa
2/19 c23 6epiiphxny
Hiya! I sent my review over to ao3 since hasn't been working for me! 3 great chapter as always.
2/18 c23 4761394
Yeah Audrey should be punished for stealing the crown and Maleficents scepter

Which REALLY shouldn’t just be on display like that

SERIOUSLY five teenagers have broken into this museum that has Tritons trident Genies lamp the BLACK CAULDRON and the shears of the fates and the Maguffin of the last two movies fairy god mother’s wand on display

Forget the isle any one with a drivers license could walk in steal something and be the next big bad villain that Auradon will have to rely on teenagers to stop

Wow that was a long rant

But yes Audrey should be punished for breaking into the museum stealing the crown and the Maleficents evil stick

Leah should be punished for Line theft and child abuse and her little cronie Natalie should go with her to the isle of the lost

Which should not have the barrier be taken down because bad things will happen

Seriously not letting anyone off is a bad idea but taking the barrier down completely is stupider

This review has gone long enough so I’m going to say good chapter stay safe and see you next week
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