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for Re:Zero Watching Him Die Again and Again

7h c14 1Trooper-E
Still waiting for 15 man
1/21 c5 nierisgudcivilization
i dont think you shd feel bad if the reactions feel a bit subpar here and there. you write big chapters and big characters. its natural to be overwhelmed sometimes. all u need to do is remember that we love your work. you will always be good at this fic.
1/18 c1 Guest
Sorry if this bothers you but Tivey got replaced by Hetaro in chapter 2 on AO3. On FF here it's normal.
1/18 c14 Guest
Sorry if it bothers you but the rewrite chapter 2 on AO3 has Tivey got replaced with Hetaro there
1/18 c9 Guest
Bruh I fucking hate felix here
1/17 c3 nierisgudcivilization
i don't think it seems too rushed. yea some of the reactions repeat but i mean when you're trapped in a giant box that you know you cant escape from, then it rly limits your options on how to show your feelings. talking will lead to arguments cuz half of them dont like each other. arguments will lead to fighting cuz half of that half are very feisty. and then they will die and badly traumatise the survivors who would then have to decide between offing themselves to save themselves from the terrible smell or pretend. its a rly bad situation but almost all of them are smart enough to realise they shdnt start conflict(looking at u priscilla). so it defo makes sense for them to repeat their reactions realistically speaking.
1/16 c2 nierisgudcivilization
bro the way u describe garf's speaking pattern
1/15 c14 shaayon328
sigh. Its a new year,so while i want to demand a new chapter, at least give a rewrite update. And always give more Crusch content. She is one of the reasons i'm so infatuated with your story.
1/10 c1 Guest
Priscilla is not the type of character who speaks only when she has something useful to say. The purpose of the fanfic is to represent the characters as they are in the official story. Your complaint about Priscilla is absurd.
1/11 c10 2Pikminman101
It’s crazy to imagine how many spin offs and recreations of this reaction fic their are. Yours may not have been the first Re Zero reaction fic, but it has become a favorite for many. I hope you are proud of what your work has given people, and I think we are all excited to see the chapter 10 rework. Live strong!
1/8 c10 Guest
I think the same thing that my guy IIIIIIII (weird name)
1/10 c14 A. J Savage
I wonder if after this the Warden will show them the IF stories to show how screwed they would be without Subaru's mad determination to keep going !
1/9 c7 A. J Savage
Priscilla interruptions are getting annoying, her time should be cut shorter unless she has something useful to say !
1/7 c1 Somedud
Damn, you guys can't wait for the IF stories huh? Just have some goddamn patience man, the impact of the cast watching the if stories after this "timeskip" will be lessened if we don't know how they reacted to arc 4. Plus, why would the author write the if stories reaction BEFORE arc 4 reaction? The author rn is currently rewriting the fanfic until chapter 14. SO WE GET THERE WHEN WE GET THERE.
1/6 c10 llllllllllllllll
idk whats up with the people that want the IFs before S2, I mean...
The author said it himself, he wants Subaru to be awake by the time S2 Part 2 begins, and after that the IFs; making a timestamp that skips S2 completly kills not only the purpose of this fic being a reaction fic, but what separates this reaction fic from others, is the fact that this fic is the most complete one, and comepletely butchering Arc 4 would be a massive letdown not just for me, but for the peeps that have been waiting for Chapter 15 and all of S2 for almost a year now.
My man has a personal life, and it must be boring at times writing reaction fic for a long period in time and having the characters as legitimate to the original R:Z. Let him work, he has his own life for some impacient people to go rushing him and stressing him out. Eventually, the IFs will come out
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