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for Re:Zero Watching Him Die Again and Again

3h c13 Ultimate Luck Aizen
The author already confirmed that they be doing the if story's after they finished season 2
4h c1 XxxMBDDXXX A.T.F.R
I have a question for you... will they ever react to the IF stories?
6h c6 Groot's Penis
Chris8719 Did you read that last part? Arc 7 is starting off painfully.
10h c5 Chris8719
Groot's Penis: And as usual it started off horribly for our poor boi Suffru, seriously I wonder if the author of our favorite fic here could show the cast potential future's if they didn't get thier memories back didn't have their current knowledge etc.

I'm sure Rem would be extremely pissed with the way she's acting towards her love in canon and would agree wholeheartedly with his attitude towards a certain arch bishop won't spoil any further would be interesting.
11h c13 Wlaskow
Next chapter is in a few hours bois
11h c7 Groot's Penis
1/18 c3 Maybe not human
I want to know. Was it really just a joke or did someone really said "Have my babies" while seeing cool Reinhard? And if someone did said that then who?
1/18 c13 Randomness
When is the next chapter coming? Any idea?
15h c13 nachimodz
No puedo esperar xd
1/19 c13 DeadSpace123
Sorry to hear that writing this chapter was stressful. You made a great chapter.
1/19 c12 DeadSpace123
This was a heartwarming and awesome chapter.
1/19 c9 Groot's Penis
Author has said Chapter 14 will come in the next 2 days.
1/18 c11 DeadSpace123
Such despair from both Subaru and the cast; great chapter.
1/18 c13 Popeofallsins
update please
1/18 c4 MRscript
I shed tears for how kind you are and light blooded to make this story for us, thank you you deserve the heaven
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