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8/28 c18 2TooManyIdeasTooLittleTime
This is the first time I have actually started reading an OC-centric story and completed however much has been posted. Honestly, not surprised it is good, well-written, and overall a great read, based on your earlier work.
Like most of the PJO fandom, I have a bias for Percy and hate OC-centric stories in general but I hope I can get over this as this story progresses.
I honestly had been betting my money on Oceanus as Andy's divine parent, just for the drama it will cause but the revelation of Amphitrite, albeit surprising, is welcome as it is not done at all till what I have read.
Not to be a dipshit but I hope children of Amphitrite aren't as powerful as children of Poseidon simply because he is one of the elder gods and it wouldn't make much sense I guess?
Looking forward to seeing the ability differences between Percy and Andy, and just realizing my bias on Percy does make me sound like a dipshit.
I don't know how involved you are with the PJO fandom, but CombatTombat's work in the Imperator Series put forward Roman!Percy and Jason having basically done in total what Jason did in canon and an OC in place of Percy doing everything canon Percy did.
There are a lot more OCs in this and I hope that will help with dividing everything Percy did in canon.
I seem to have written this very confusingly and I genuinely have no idea how to express my thoughts otherwise.
I hope Season 2 and further, feature the happenings of both Greek and Roman camps.
Interested to see why Calypso is in the character list and what pairing you will see in the future.
Also generally hoping no canon characters are underpowered or overpowered even though I know you won't do something like that.
Other than that, hoping that Roman!Percy's character is similar to canon as to have some divide in Camp Jupiter since Percy won't respond well to orders.
7/18 c1 dinorun154
when are you going to update
5/26 c2 1eclipse68
this is great stuff Ace
4/8 c3 19lubelle321
I'm enjoying this. you layed the characters out really well
4/7 c2 lubelle321
I can just see these characters in the mean girls bus scene lol
3/22 c3 28Jack Cross
Quick note, November 11th isn’t Memorial Day in the States, it’s Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day falls in May and is for honoring the dead, Veterans Day is for honoring those that are still alive.
3/4 c1 3Valkorion510
Great story
2/26 c16 Denzel Eristhee
I don't get notification for this story its still telling me it has 14 chapters if not for me coming to reread this I would never know it updated
2/25 c14 Edgeofdoom
'Coward' yep. You can add 'serial rapist' to the list too
2/25 c9 Edgeofdoom
Well considering Persephone will probably fucking neuter him and the woman if he tried...
2/25 c9 Edgeofdoom
Can't zeus just keep it in his pants? Well considering helf of the Greek myth happened because zeus can't keep it in his pants...
2/25 c7 Edgeofdoom
Wait wait wait wut? More reach with a sword than a spear? What? Is that spear some sort of zulu spear? Given they were on display in a museum and made of celestial bronze, I highly doubt the weapons are anything but in ancient Greek style
2/23 c16 4Sxshxaa
I really love the story so far and am really curious on how Percy(and the great prophecy) will turn out with him being a roman. I do wonder if Thalia will be return with Luke betraying them and all that. speaking of which, will Ace side with kronos or will luke still be the one to host him?(I doubt you'll answer it would be considered a spoilerhope you'll update soon!
2/2 c4 thobeobo
This is an excellent start, Ace!
I really enjoy the characterization of both Ace Iverson and Cato so far, and the action so far has been exciting and engaging. I'm probably just going to continue reading now, but I just thought I'd drop a review every few chapters or so. Great work so far!

- Theo
1/31 c13 4WolfOfSilverGoddessArtemis
Is season 2 more Percy-centric?
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