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1h c1 BlackStarMage
Literally no clue what going on, don't think I've ever even heard of the story this is based off before, still gonna read it because I'm bored and this seems ontrestimg.
10/24 c46 1Galeiam
Now the Ball is really moving, his openness is starting to wear at their borders of rationality and reluctance,
10/23 c46 Guest
...and back to the cringe dialogue.

"Hey, Hikigaya, gonna buy some snacks, want some?"

"Yeah, sure, unless the bugs fucking chomp through my throat before then. Don't mind me, gonna kill myself a little."

Is this a story or your diary? Choose one.
10/23 c46 Guest
Didnt Komachi just say that wanted to get rid of him ASAP?
10/23 c46 TheNobel1
He's really gonna suicide if Komachi says she is tired of Hachiman.
10/23 c19 TheNobel1
Big seven?
10/23 c1 ThelittleKing
Thanks for the quick update. This is one of the few fics where I legitimately feel despair when the chapter ends. You always have me hooked. Now, will some of Hikigaya's problems be revealed during this trip? After all he'll have to sleep in the same room as all the other guys so it might be quite difficult for him. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
10/22 c46 BigBlueSmile11
We've reached the vacation arc! I love what you've done with Hikigaya, especially how miserable he is. He's always suffering in some way, but he never goes the extra mile to take it out explicitly on anybody around him. He says a cruel joke or two about himself, but ultimately still just makes the effort to at least socialize and hangout, even though he might not want to.

Your work has been through a lot. The multitude of negative reviews, the subtle revising and evolution of Hikigaya, and his slow, painful march towards infinity, everything really has been a wild ride. I was pretty tentative about how I felt about the story at first, but it's grown on me. The story is awesome.

This chapter was great, and I enjoy that Hikigaya is being pushed out of his usual comfort zone. Despite his mental decline, I'm positive that the cast will find a way to pull him out of it. Thank you for the update, I look forward to the next one.
10/20 c45 ThelittleKing
Great chapter, I finally found the time to read it. I absolutely love the realistic take on life in your fic, it isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Pretty sure I mentioned this before but thanks for also mentioning alcohol, most authors pretend it doesn't exist (even in fics where the main character has mental issues) which is just plain unrealistic. (maybe I'm just saying that because I have a slight problem as well) but anyway thanks for the update! Good luck with your schoolwork and stuff, I'm currently on holidays
10/14 c45 Tenyo-dono
It's always great to read more of your work, thanks for the great update!
10/11 c45 Lena's Thighs Cult
I guess it's Hikigaya x Totsuka now.
Thanks for the chapter!
10/11 c45 danielkid50
Good chapter. Feels kind of weird that he'd actually admit to liking Saika though. Yuki x Hachi for life!

He is really laying it on thick about suicide though. I think he wouldn't say it that often because it is awkward and edgy.

Hope he actually gets a math proof too.

Ty for chapter.
10/6 c44 1OffhandScribe
This has been a slow burn of a fic so far, well worth the gleaming gems hidden within. That's a bit flowery. You yourself said that Basilisk would hew towards canon for quite awhile in multiple Author's Notes, and so it has, and I can understand why, there's a trajectory to these things. The deviations you threaded where you could work very well.

These 2 most recent chapters and more pointedly the conversations between YuiHachiman and Yukino&Hachiman show all that groundwork finally bearing fruit. Math Hikigaya may not be in the emotionally open space of "looking for something truly genuine" just yet, or ever, but he is undoubtedly less misanthropic than his canon self was at this point in the novels, albeit only to a very select group of people, and he seems to hate *himself* even more, but. chronic illness has a way of dampening one's self-esteem. mild understatement. So I get that.

You made mention that you update slower than you would like to, having gobbled this up in a relatively short time I have no reference for how long the wait for ch45 might be, but I will say you churned all this out in a little under a year. I'd like to compliment you on that, late to the party as I am.

Looking forward to more eventually
9/30 c44 ThelittleKing
Well, I blasted through this fic and loved it. Looking forward to the next update!
9/30 c43 ThelittleKing
Really liked the texts and the small hints we get about Hikigaya. As far as I know it was only mentioned at the beginning but he smokes dope and apparently he tried alcohol and didn't like it. Small details like that really improve fics like this imo since it's only natural for humans to do specific drugs/ at least try them. Lots of fics don't mention them even though they're about depression or stuff like that. It's just a bit unrealistic to pretend that they don't exist (sure, cultures are different and in mine alcohol plays a big part but still). The revelation at the end of this chapter explains how this will be a three way relationship then, I guess.
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