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11/24 c8 VamPyr00
I had an image of Tom Cruise trying to sing a lullaby to his daughter in the 'War of the Worlds' movie when Naofumi started singing to Raphtalia. Then, immediately started laughing since I thought of 'Scary Movie 4', the parody version where he sings 'Badd' by the Ying Yang Twins as a lullaby. Kind of ruined the somber, serious mood for me. XD

Anyway, I honestly hope there aren't many Naofumi POVs in the future. I don't mind Naofumi as the original protagonist but he ISN'T the MC of this story so I hope he doesn't get much screen time.
11/24 c7 VamPyr00
Archer EMIYA, war veteran, heroic spirit, and counter guardian with at LEAST hundreds of years of experience in all sorts of situations...flinched when he was glared at by Naofumi? That makes absolutely no sense at all. In fact, I think you should just remove that entirely. It honestly makes EMIYA look like a little bitch.

Anyways, I'm still curious about the Projection Magic that he has access to. After summoning Mash's shield, it is clear that he isn't limited to just swords. I wonder why he doesn't use the ability more often? Is it due to his lacking MP reserves? Also, it would be nice to know how his status/sword is progressing.
11/24 c6 VamPyr00
Honestly, I don't see how Emiya's Fate parameters effect anything. At B rank in physical parameters, he SHOULD already be a powerhouse and yet he can't even fight a giant boar by himself and had issues with 5 newbies. His ACTUAL physical parameters at level 1 are basically like a maxed out level 1 or a fresh level 2, despite the B rank Fate parameter.

Seems pretty useless to even level those parameters since they don't seem to do anything. Maybe it is like a growth type parameter that indicates how much he will gain per level? Basically, he is completely reliant on his Legendary Weapon, just like the other heroes. It's disappointing but understandable if you don't want him to be OP.

Also, I noticed that they are buying cooking equipment. That shouldn't be necessary AT ALL with his rank A Projection Magic. I assume that the skill must be nerfed like all his other abilities. Honestly, I don't even see why you wanted Archer EMIYA for this if you were going to nerf him so hard. You could've gotten the same use out of the younger Shirou Emiya and not had to nerf him much or at all.

I usually get pissed off when Authors add a character to the story and then allow the False Accusation Rape Trial (aka FART) to happen but this one was much more tolerable. With all his nerfs, he would definitely not be able to fight his way out of there so his decision was pretty reasonable. I don't like it when OP characters allow it to happen for no reason (since they could just kill/bitch slap everyone) but with all these nerfs, Archer would legitimately not be able to survive a fight at that level. Good job with that scene.
11/24 c5 VamPyr00
Meh, I was honestly expecting more when you gave him B rank Strength, Endurance, and Agility. Going by Fate Parameters, E rank should be 10 times the human standard. Which means B rank parameters should have put him WAAAYY above regular humans, much less teenagers. The fact that he had to put EFFORT into beating those kids and couldn't even solo that boar was kind of pathetic.

Also, there has been basically no mention of his Projection Magic used AT ALL, despite it being A rank according to his skill sheet. I would think that without Gaia's influence, his Projections would be permanent unless purposefully dispelled. On top of that, he should be able to use Projection Magic to create ANYTHING, including camping and cooking equipment or even money. He might only be GOOD with sword projections, but that doesn't actually limit him to ONLY swords.
11/24 c3 VamPyr00
Guh, he's been nerfed like crazy. Hopefully he actually spent some time copying over weapons from his UBW that he can actually use at his current level. Can't he, like, shape a sword into a bow and use swords for arrows as well? I wonder how that will work though... No UBW, weaker constitution, and decreased Mana/Prana/MP (or increased cost) is already some pretty heavy restrictions. I hope he can project more than just swords and they last permanently without Gaia's influence.

This also reminds me a lot of 'Wandering of a Sword Hero'. Though, given that they are based on the same exact premise it would make sense that they are similar.
11/24 c2 VamPyr00
I seriously hope he isn't going to turn into the bleeding heart, hero of justice that runs around and saves everyone like his past self. I'm only reading this because it was about Archer EMIYA, not Shirou. Hopefully, he doesn't regress to his former self or something.
11/23 c34 Kamizuma24
when you gonna update?
11/22 c34 Gilgamesh50
You j ow i expect shirou or emiya to hold a grudge against glassbasicalky try to kikl her back next time why?
Well if he isnt the same EMIYA from canon than why cant he?
I just hate how she was able to escape without any repromussions and i dont mean almost dying thats just part of fighting or trying to kill someone i just want her to be beat up badly
And i say this cz i am invested in the fic
Great Chapter
11/14 c24 Guest
Why didn't Emiya already know the reason Fhol fights? He saw his weapon and learned its history and the history of its wielder.
11/15 c34 PlzDontReferToMe
Can’t wait for a motoyasu pov where he unlocks the spear of despair
11/11 c22 Guest
mc is comparable with highschool kids larpers...
11/11 c21 prissyjudge
mc doesnt act like an experienced veteran if he can let a blade get close enough from behind to bock his neck. Thats a death no matter how you slice it, and degrades the experience acquired from surviving many battles.
11/5 c34 Dasgun
11/2 c1 Guest
Just my two cents worth, but, unless I've somehow DRASTICALLY misjudged his character, I reckon that even Emiya - jaded as he might be - would probably take a rather dim view to some of Filorita's more, shall we say, 'questionable' methods... notably, her rather nasty habit of callously murdering other "heroes" who supposedly don't make the cut.

Thing is, we're not just talking the occasional 'bad apple' here - going from what I've read of Shield Hero 'lore', the Bird B*tch apparently has zero qualms about killing off the entire quartet, just to reset the summoning, even if not all the heroes are deserving of such extreme treatment..!

Basically, whatever way you slice it, even if you try using the whole "working for the greater good" angle, fact is, Filorita is NOT a particularly sympathetic character... indeed, I wish more of these fics had characters who weren't so willing to put up with her BS - I know Emiya supposedly can't project Excalibur... but, assuming he COULD, then, quite frankly, I'd be just as happy to see him kentucky fry her a**!
11/2 c34 Guest
Would it be possible to add this to AO3? 's email notifications havent been working for a while and its been hard to keep track of when this updates
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