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1/8 c4 ReadingBeta
Trying to use the name Arkham for yourself is quite bold. U prepared to be dragged into the abyss n not blink?
1/6 c4 ReadingBeta
Who is Hush here? Can u write another Batman Fanfic? Where Bruce gets a harem of all the sexy babes in DC, including Starfire, Barbara(Batgirl), Supergirl, Black Canary n such? Please consider it, there r not a lot of good lemon fanfics to read nowadays.
11/13/2020 c2 Guest
Ah man do the Robins have to have their own pairing was hoping Starfire would be with her sister in Alex’s harem

Oh hope you add Punchline, White Rabbit, Barbara Gordon Batgirl and Cheshire to the harem of Alex
11/9/2020 c1 Gundamfreedom0
Nicely done on this story you started. I hope to see more later on as soon as possible, not to mention I like how you are including different ideas for your story. Btw I definitely would like it if during the fight against ivy that she gains the upper hand in the two on one fight before she calls in Superman, if you are going to include him, in the story.

I wouldn’t mind if she figures out that when catwoman has broken free from her control that she reinstates it again during their fight before Batman comes to aid her, and that she makes her fight on her side against Batman. Keep up the good work and excelsior my friend.
11/9/2020 c1 7Darth Destructis
Good story and I also love Batman : Hush

I was thinking using that movie and making a story out of it

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