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12/21/2020 c2 reader hyped
this was freaking amazing the emotions ranma went through the grief the rage and the fight it was amazing you had her being able to use statis or what might be facsimile of it? from what i'm guessing is a side affect of her training in the soul of ice and the abilty to use cold ki? if so that would be amazing though if you had your own reason for ranma being able to do so i can't wait for the explanation really hope to see more of this!
12/21/2020 c3 21Alex Ultra
Hah! Fantastic. I look forward to that duel. :)
12/21/2020 c3 FoulerGlint60
this is quality, I enjoy reading your work. Keep up the good work author I enjoy reading quality! Cheers!
11/28/2020 c3 HauntingTheNet
Just binge read the three currently available chapters of this story. First off, I have no knowledge of Destiny so I can not say much about that. Yet I still really liked the story that I read and was interested in seeing more so I checked your profile...

... and suddenly realized that I had previously read and favorite added two other stories by you (Tangled Fate, With Grace and Elegance - henceforth will refer to them as TF and WGaE) without realizing that you were the same author. In all three cases I had no knowledge whatsoever of the crossed over material, and I am not really a fan of locked Ranma fics in general, yet the stories were so well written and riveting that I became engrossed in them anyway. I have as a result now added you as a favorite author as well and will be checking out your other stories as well... I suspect I had checked your profile page at one point after beginning to read TF but the lack of stories with any significant content or completion status probably is why I never checked out your other stories before this. WGaE was added by pure random chance.

Which does however bring up my concern which is my second point. I try to never pester an author abut their update status or tell them to write on a particular work if their muse is not in the mood. This is partly because as an author it should be your right to write what you want, when you want, without some nameless random from the internet getting on your case. Looking at your profile though did cause me some slight concern although please do not take what I am about to say as a criticism or an attempt to shame you into updating something.

You have a total of 19 fanfics you have worked on at this site profile over your writing career. But not a single one of them was ever completed, and almost all of them never got more than a couple chapters written on them, and even further several of them have sat idle for years. Again I am not going to complain or tell you to write more or anything like that.

As a reader all of us on this site should be thankful for what we can get, and if all we want are finished works we can set the site filters to only show completed works. So with that filter being available to us people have no cause to complain when they read incomplete stories. But I will say that I am seeing reason to be slightly concerned that this story may end up like many others before it have and never get worked on again. Do you feel very motivated about this story still or has your muse currently written all that it had for it?

Will this be a concern for WGaE or do you have motivation to keep working on them? TF was a favorite of mine but it sat untouched for a while before getting updated this year but again it has sat idle for a while since the last update so I wonder whether it is still considered ongoing or has your muse faded out on it? Are all the stories that you have updated this year something you are still going to be working on or have any of them basically lost their muses? Finally, should readers who enjoy your stories still read and favorite add any of your really old stories that have not been updated this year or are those basically dead at this point since it has been 3-12 years for them since they were last touched?

I am not trying to shame you for past works that have fallen to the wayside or beg for more chapters of any of the three works I have read and enjoyed. All I am asking is knowledge on whether you are currently still feeling the muse for the works I have become interest in, and whether to allow myself to becoming interested in your various other stories. If you say that you are currently still feeling the muse for a story and sometime this year permanently lose interest I will not yell at you or feel like you betrayed your fans.

i mean no disrespect or urgency of updating when I mention any of the issues with last updated times or total number of chapters written. I still want you to only write when you feel like it and what you feel like writing. If your muse simply quits one day for a specific story, then "oh well" it was great while it lasted. Anyone who does not like that should either limit themselves to setting a site filter to only show completed stories, or write the fan-fiction they want themselves rather than complaining.

Frankly as a former writer myself who ceased writing in any significant way decades ago, I can well understand how fickle the writer's muse can be. At this point enough time has past since my own muse reared its head that I suspect I will never again post any great work.

The fact that you are still writing and posting updates in 2020 when you have works from back in 2008 is amazing. Not very many can still feel and responsively write their muse's dictations across over a decade of a writer's career so kudos to you. And the fact that you are still able to write so well that you can interest a person like me into reading and enjoying stories that do not even really fit into my preferences is even more awe inspiring to me.

Anyway I have posted what I wanted to say so I will finish this up by thanking you for writing this and your other great works that I have enjoyed and for posting them for all of us to enjoy. Even if they never get a single update again I still will have enjoyed what I had and without your willingness to post your works that enjoyed reading would never have been. So thank you both as a reader and former writer.
11/27/2020 c3 Guest
shaxx will say ranma has some hesitation, good at close combat, and that she needs to work on ranged fighting
11/27/2020 c3 Elrosh
this is a very well written story so far. I love the ideas you are running with and can't wait to read more!
11/26/2020 c3 13Rnij
This is really well written, and I look forward to seeing what next. However, I feel like you shouldn’t have Ranma just steamroll everything with Martial Arts. This is a brand new world to them, and they have to adapt to it. In that case, maybe don’t have them beat Shaxx, but put up a good fight with just they’re martial arts to earn his respect?
11/26/2020 c3 OnePunchPlayer
canon size of the [ Traveler ] in a cinematical scale from Destiny 2 Vanilla, during at and at the end of the Red War Campaign, yes [ It ] 's celestial 'size' would be able to reach past the Earth's atmosphere just from looking back on it (compared to what is able to see in the Gameplay sandbox of the Last City).

as big maybe like the moon of Pluto. [ shrugged ]
11/26/2020 c3 8Dumbledork
Fast update. Enjoyed the chapter, although there wasn't much action in it. Reminds me of the tutorial of any MMORPG _. Can't wait for the duel.
11/25/2020 c3 iceland
good story to read and wonder what happens next when ranma uses her ki pocket for weapons and ki blast. it will be fun to read the new chapters.
11/25/2020 c3 1Umbra Lycan
interesting chapter, keep up the good work, looking forward to more
11/25/2020 c3 2Death of Snipers
It’s been great seeing ranma settle in, and seeing what the world of destiny looks like when you’re not a game avatar going from essential to essential. I’m very excited to see the duel, and it seems very fitting that ranma would pick one of the biggest fights they can

The balance between angst and hijinks has been great so far, and I look forward to the next chapter!
11/25/2020 c3 Warehouse1
Great chapter! thanks for the update! :D
11/25/2020 c3 2Kaiya Azure
Well, that's one way to shake things up. Never mind the whole Martial Arts challenge which is bound to be interesting and entertaining.
11/25/2020 c3 1AnFan-n-More
All praise goes to your editor Gekkou_Yoko! :D

Now, are you going to leave us waiting for the duel for ages? If you are, I'm going to pout at you every time I look at your name. Which is however often you make comments on posts in the SV forums.

This was a fun read. It's fun to see Ranma be Ranma! :D Also, I bet that she will feel a lot better after the battle than she does right now. And smug. I anticipate smugness, even if she does run into things that make her pause.

I wonder if you can use her male form as infiltration in the future or not. I'm pretty sure you've decided to make it a non issue and the magic is gone. However, hear me out. If Ranma spends time meditating and finds the frayed ends of the "spell" that transformed her, then maybe you can use the Light to have her transform again in the future while putting some strong reasons that it is contra indicated as something she would be doing often. Kind of like her male form is a construct of Light now, and basically seals all of her new abilities or something. While making it more vulnerable or cutting her off in some way from benefits?

Yeah, I don't see a real benefit unless you want to allow her to be both people needed to authorize things with the AI if she has two bodies. Then again, I did realize that if you did that there might be hard coded antagonistic attitudes towards Ranma's mail body. Depends on if the two Kuno siblings fought over details on the programming. My guess is that by the time that the AI came around, Ranma's body was a relic already and both Kunos were long gone with only their beliefs remaining.

Thanks for the unexpected update! Wasn't expecting one given your comments on SV about being busy.
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