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5/16 c21 UncoventionaLove
AHHHHHHH! NO, I did NOT just read the most illegal cliffhanger ever written! I can see why you were excited to write this chapter! I was hoping Christine could take out his chip again, but she doesn't have the element of surprise against Erik this time. But they worked together to try and attack Raymond. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
5/14 c21 Dkk5
Oh, I lived this, I guess, lol. I read it twice just because I was so excited for their reunion. Stupid Raymond, let’s see how he likes losing control.
5/13 c21 6PhantomFemme du Pantages
Aahhhh, evil cliffy! Even worse than the one at the end of the previous chapter! I hope you update again soon. LOL The suspense! That said, I'll be sad to see this Phic end. I mean, I know it'll be more than just one more chapter. But I also know it won't be that many more! And it's been awesome!

And good for Erik and Christine for trying to fight back and not simply letting that sick bastard win. Uh, though, if they get out of this alive, they might want to leave the country and maybe assume new identities! Said too! Because, unless Erik kills Raymond, they're going to have a very enraged sore-looser enemy after them. And it'd be nice for Christine and Erik to be able to go somewhere he's not so they can finally have some peace together! Oh yeah, though, first, they might have to work through the little issue of Erik being furious at them for getting him captured and re-chipped even if it was to save his life. So I hope Christine can make him see that she did it because she wants a future with him! And I do hope he can eventually come to forgive Said as well. Oo, but even before they can get to that, Christine and Said need to figure out how to get him dechipped again! LOL Unless Christine can just do a repeat of the hammer move? Here's hoping Raymond hasn't clued into that and hammer-proofed it this time!
5/13 c20 PhantomFemme du Pantages
WTF?! I've got to say I didn't see that coming! Though, maybe I ought to have. Btw, good for Christine for breaking up with Raoul even before she knew if she'd ever have a chance with Erik. That's the right and honourable way to do it! Good for her for not stringing him along any further now that she knows her own heart.
5/13 c17 PhantomFemme du Pantages
Oh shit! Well, I see why Said and Christine felt they had no other choice if they wanted to save Erik's life. But I'm not sure he'll see it that way! And I really hope Christine's right that he'll forgive her eventually! And, uh, hopefully he can eventually forgive Said too.
5/13 c21 5Barbossa'sApples
ahhhhh! can't wait for the next chapter, what a cliffhanger!
5/13 c21 63Erik'sTrueAngel
OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! I knew Raymond had Erik and this was the worse thing he could do to them. Christine played it smart knowing how this chip affects him. Love that he was able to have some control in his program and they were able to get a plan going. Saeed! You better get your ass there quick!
5/13 c21 Guest
I feel bad for laughing but I keep hearing that meme sound "oh ma god weeeeeee"
5/13 c21 1AnotherSilentObserver
Yayyy. Please, next chapter!
What with the reference to Cinderella, I wonder if we might see more action in the shoe department. Killer stiletto, anyone?..
5/13 c21 6Kelly Melly
Queen of the cliffhanger! :) and this one really killed me too! This whole chapter was literally like a living nightmare. Christine is so mad for Erik that I honestly can’t think of a thing worse than this that could have happened to her. Erik has no control and he loves her so dearly but can’t protect her from himself. The embodiment of their worst fears. And Raymond might be your most fleshed out villian yet. And that’s saying a lot. Love it!
5/12 c21 Guest
5/12 c21 StarryKnight565
! ! ! ! ! aaaAaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BROOOOOOOOOOOOOO I seriously think this might be one of my favorites, it's climbing up there pretty fast. Ugh, I can't believe you WENT there. YOU WENT THERE AND I LOVE AND HATE IT. You've gotten what you wanted, are you happy now? Ugghhhhhhh. UGHHHHHHHHH I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FEEEEEEEEEEEL. BROOOoOO000o00OOOOooOOoOoOOo0000oo0000o0OOOOOoOo I can'T EVEN
5/12 c21 7the yellow flower
LOVE IT. The last part. Errr not the other parts. Like, yes good writing love that but not what’s happening bc I’m not a monster. But great plot! That’s what I mean!
5/12 c21 Wanderingwinter
OH things are so intense. We love brave Christine and Erik fighting his programming. This was a wonderful chapter thank you so much author. That cliffhanger is evil btw.
5/12 c21 47phantom-jedi1
Gah, the cliffhanger of this! Argh!


Seriously, though - I love a self-rescuing Christine who can be terrified out of her mind but brave at the same time. And I really, really hope they get a happy ending out of this, and that Raymond and his ilk get what they deserve!
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