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for On This Night, Which Is Ours

11/10/2020 c1 Guest
Your softcore stories melt my heart so much, there's always so much emphasis on the love and devotion and the partnership...
Thank you for another incredible fic!
11/9/2020 c1 Reijuu
Gosh, I've always wanted to review one of your works and I finally am because I can't keep my love that's about to burst for your work... I just love, and I mean it, love your writing style for your fanfictions, the stories you wrote, it never failed to make my heart throb with so many emotions and sometimes skip a beat. I wanted to thank you for so long and I regret not telling you this sooner, Momoxtoshiro.
Im so grateful I've found your account and all the different types of fanfictions in it. I've been reading and rereading for over 4 years of some of your fanfictions, I remember reading so many fanfictions without realizing it was made by you, and I was like "holy shit (excuse my language) this stuff is so good" and everytime I check who wrote it I always see the same "momoxtoshiro". It made my life so much more colorful at some point and sometimes it changed the way I look at some things.
I'm sorry this was very deep and I personally usually am not like that, but I had the need to tell you how much amazing your writing and writer you are, how much you've inspired me. It's crazy.

Now, for this fanfiction.
I've always wanted to read love-making fanfiction between my favorite characters but I've constantly only found smut or pure full-on lust that never seemed to have any warmth in it (in a sense that it only majorly focused on the action). Then, I read this and my heart couldn't contain how much love was coming from both of them. I just love how there was tenderness and trust between them. The way you wrote it, made the story so much more exciting than if it were to be said directly at was happening. I'm just so glad I've got to be in this journey to read every week your fanfictions.
I feel like I want to tell you more but for now.
Thank you so much and I will be looking forward to reading more in the future.

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