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for A Bend in His Road

6/3 c17 Denie1943
I loved 16 chapters of this story, but I was unprepared for chapter 17. I know we are all destined to pass at some point, but it just seemed too soon for A&G. Stay well!
4/12 c17 Guest
Loved this story and the flash forward is such a gift, even though it came full circle and Gilbert is alone again.
This was beautifully written, and wove in all the little events that occurred in canon whilst diverging organically to create a wonderful tale where Anne comes to her awakening much sooner, this time without Gilbert at death's door (thank goodness!). Masterfully done, 2 thumbs up :)
10/22/2021 c1 Guest
I never thought about how Gilbert had a bend in his road like Anne had in hers. Interesting perspective! I like this story very much so far. Well-written.
8/7/2021 c5 Guest
I love the empathy Gil feels for Dora. This is very telling. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
7/9/2021 c17 18Alinyaalethia
Such a lovely ending. It’s bittersweet, of course, but sometimes the best things are. And we get a sense earlier in this chapter of how much time has passed, and of Anne and Gilbert’s life together.

Gilbert’s anger at being alone echos his earlier frustration with Anne wanting to focus on their friendship. She’s his world and he just doesn’t know how to be in a world that doesn’t have her in it.

But whereas before he was alone in his upset, here he’s got Rosemary Meredith, and this time friendship and understanding are enough. He doesn’t want to replace or even forget Anne, he just wants the eat of someone who gets how disorienting and bewildering it is to be cut lose after years of partnership.

And as you show us, life for Anne and Gilbert isn’t always easy, but all their biggest struggles they tackle together. And now he doesn’t have that. Burying her next to Joy was just perfect. There’s this beautifully observed tension between burying Anne with her own mum, or burying her with the daughter she never got to know. And after years of not having a mother, I think Anne wouldn’t have wanted that fit Joy, even after death, so this is a lovely solution. And Gilbert can imagine them together now, whenever he thinks of them. Beautifully done.
7/8/2021 c16 Alinyaalethia
Such a sweet end. Though I can see why Anne gave you grief. She really hasn’t puzzled out what she wants at the start of this chapter. Still, Marilla is good with her, and I agree. Marilla’s quiet life would be all wrong for Anne. She thrives on connection and people.

Davy going on about the train is pure young boy. My brother had s definite aspiring train conductor phase. And Rachel being able to deal with that a bit better because of all her experience makes sense.

Mind you, from the first this was Gilbert’s story and you give him white the rollercoaster here. He’s hurt, pleased, upset, delighted all in the course of a seriously eventful day. Somehow Cora’s ‘Nothing’ to John is my favourite part. Even as she says if you know she knows how important this is.

But it wouldn’t be you if we didn’t end with Marilla, and I see her letter sneaks in right at the end. It’s lively, loving and understated. Great stuff.
7/7/2021 c17 74kslchen
You did trip me up there the other day! I saw the story at the top of the page, but when I clicked on it, it just showed the previous chapter. I was even considering another ff-net bug until you explained. I wasn't the unlikeliest of scenarios, you must admit!

But alas, on to this epilogue you unexpectedly gifted us with. It's more usual in fanfic world to have Anne be the one who loses Gilbert instead of the other way round, but of course, this is a story written from his point of view. In some ways, the loss of Anne represents the final bend in his road as he turns from a shared life with her to a life he has to face without Anne by his side. He's not alone, but he's without his mainstay of the past decades and that turns everything on its head. As you said, little else makes sense anymore.

I liked your descriptions of grief here, if "like" can be the correct word for a subject such as this. The anger he felt at her loss is definitely very realistic, not directed at her as such but at the unfairness of the situation and the unfairness of having all plans scuppered and suddenly being no longer one part of a pair. Having Rosemary be the one to offer the most helpful understanding was an unexpected but very good pick. Some emotions are hard to understand for someone who's never known them, whereas on the other hand, just having someone who understands can already help with grief.

The question of where to lay Anne to rest is an interesting one. Of course, she was Anne of Green Gables first (or at least after she stopped being Anne of Basically Nowhere), but the area around the House of Dreams and Ingleside was where she lived longest. Joy being buried there trumps everything else, I think, and I agree with Gilbert that Anne being buried by the sea feels right. She's love the beauty and freedom of it and from the sounds of it, that knowledge is giving Gilbert some peace as well.
7/5/2021 c17 TheJediHistorian71
Thank you.
I’ve come extremely close to losing my husband several times over the past six months. I understand this anger and grief, even though my husband has pulled through most of his illness. The after effects are now the day to day challenge.
But this acknowledgment of the pain, anger, and grief just means So much right now! Words cannot express how great fil I am for this chapter.
7/5/2021 c17 12MrsVonTrapp
Oh, goodness oz diva... your epilogue wasn't exactly the easiest way to ease back into your story, and yet it was a sad and utterly perfect way to end Gilbert's story, and bears all the wonderful hallmarks of your writing.

I do love that Marilla receives due consideration, as is only right in a story penned by you, whoever might be ostensibly your main character. "She poured her affection into every plum puff" was delightful. And then the interplay between Gilbert and Anne, including that reliable joke about the red currant wine, not only brings a smile but underscores their closeness and joint history, and the banter that has always been a mainstay of their relationship. Seeing Gilbert and Anne here as great-grandparents is a rude awakening regarding the passage of time, and yet aging is a privilege, and the loss of Joy and Walter is still felt keenly. Laying Anne to rest beside Joy was the perfect choice here.

But of course it is Gilbert here, who is so bereft and heartbroken and, in a nuanced and believable reaction, mostly angry. There was something so human in that, and to feel robbed of the remaining years you had counted on felt relatable and true. Gilbert's role as doctor is something that permeates his very being by now; I loved your reminders throughout of the profession that has so formed him, from his frustration and helplessness over Joy to that carotid artery, which you have developed as a lovely through line here to the very end. Cue, tears!

And a word about your beautiful writing - some terrific alliteration (always a win for me!) gorgeous, lush phrasings and a heartbreakingly lovely, atmospheric and evocative final paragraph.

So now, I'll need to go back to (almost!) the beginning... but I know it will be a fantastic journey!

Thank you for a Gilbert story - it thrills me that you've tackled him, and have done the character (and Jonathan Crombie!) proud x
7/5/2021 c17 DrinkThemIn
Make a girl cry first thing on a Monday morning!

It was so lovely and sad and heartfelt. She was so reflective; I wonder if she had an inkling, or perhaps it’s just what one does as they grow into their golden years. My heart broke for Gilbert. I’d imagine that it’d be a struggle of remaining alive and wanting to be with her again. Ugh. More waterworks.
7/5/2021 c16 40A Talking Cat
What was chapter 17? It didn't show up for me, but why was something posted and then taken down again? With such a lovely ending, I want more to it! :)
7/4/2021 c17 4OriginalMcFishie
Woah that came out of left field. a lovely scene that depicts a happy marriage and children and grandchildren and the passion between these two an suddenly shes gone. I know it happens like that and it's better than a long drawn out illness but poor Gilbert, waking up next to his cold dead wife. how heartbreakingly sad xxx
7/2/2021 c16 15Curlieque
Great story, thanks for sharing it!
P.S. it says the end - be sure to mark it complete or people might pester you for more :-)
6/30/2021 c16 74kslchen
The end! You said that this story was only ever meant to cover the summer before their departure to Redmond, so this is really the natural place to finish it. I like the twist you gave Anne and Gilbert's story here by bringing them together four years earlier and without any Roy Gardners and Christine Stuarts involved. I must admit I would have enjoyed reading more about how they tackled Redmond as a couple, instead of as friends and barely-acquaintances as in the book, but I also understand the feeling of a story being told. If moving on feels right, then it's the right decision.

As for how they got together here, I must admit I'm not a big fan of Gilbert hinting that he somehow deserves Anne's love because he's been such a good friend to her, because that's a sort of entitlement I just don't subscribe to. On the other hand, Anne has been a bit hot and cold with him, so he was justified in asking her where they stood. I did like Marilla's advice to Anne and how she refused to take the decision off her shoulders and I also liked that Anne turned to writing and her diary to figure out her feelings. That's very in-character.

Looking at the other characters here, we see Cora and John being suitably pleased for their son and also still nicely in-love with each other. Marilla feeling down at seeing Anne go and gathering the twins even closer in response was also very real. The letter she wrote her was sweet and heartfelt. I also enjoyed the idea of Rachel taking on Davy and his questions. With Marilla having built a strong relationship with Dora, the adults and children of Green Gables match up well. I'm sure Marilla and Rachel will also get used to sharing the same space soon as well, which really means that the future is certainly looking good for all these characters!
6/30/2021 c16 DrinkThemIn
Wonderfully done!
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