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for Oedipal Recurrence

2/23 c1 15NickNova
Wow you are a huge piece of awefulness for this trash. LoL
2/18 c1 Ryu Maroku
First of all the Greek gods and his spartan culture caused to become the monster he was. Ares was the most responsible for kidnapping his brother, and influencing him to "become the greatest warrior". Plus spartan culture was basically what a Darwinistic society looked liked. Finally he was barely a father to begin with considering he was their military leader in service to Ares. Also he regained his godly status when he stabbed himself with the Blade of Olympus. Or at least that's how I assume he survived.
11/24/2020 c1 waytodawn0
I got to say for one shot bashing Kratos that quickly is a bit of a no for me but I think that the story has merits for it being a one shot and probably maybe becoming a future story somehow? Kratos by this point Has trouble with his past and the fact that he lost someone who loved and cared for again. He may have been a Monster but he was a spartan first. He was a warrior before he was a God...Oh well story is so good. hope maybe a possible sequel for the fate stay night MCU cross over could possibly happen sometime in the future.
11/23/2020 c1 10Knightowl 4183
MCU Loki would bluntly try to find a way for Atreus to be of use to him, when acting out like he did when he was told to be a god himself: Well Loki would either encourage it and push Atreus over the edge into a Dark God like most of the Gods of that World, Or... He would arrogantly reveal what happened/ what he did to the boys father...

Undoubtedly Loki in this World is assessing his options, figuring out who he could play for his own benefit, and basically thinking that if he is trapped their... That at least he is above the petty mortals, that their is new magic to learn, and probably telling himself about how his Odin and Thor are alike to this world's version.

Bluntly he would sell out Atreus and them for a good position, wouldn't risk himself to save the boy while assuring himself the boy would of done the same thing, and then got himself killed... Likely by the Frost Giant Killer Thor, or just by his sons and Baldur.

Likely he would end up dead like he did against Thanos...

Those are just some of what I see happening with this idea...
11/21/2020 c1 orion399
You probably haven't gone too far into the game to make an accurate portrayal of what Kratos is like in God of War 4. And even putting the 4th game aside, I still like Kratos way more than I'll ever like Marvel Loki. "Nerd bullied by a whole race of jocks" lol. Boo fucking hoo.
So yeah, torches and pitchforks.
11/20/2020 c1 Battlesny
so he murders his alternate self's father then basically says 'I'm alive, that means I can hopefully redeem myself someday but you can't because I just killed you'.
and also, 'all of my children grew up to become evil monsters but I'm still a better father than you who was tricked into killing your own daughter and are having trouble in the role of father after so long as a warrior'.
11/16/2020 c1 Lilcrafter
I, my good sir, hereby raise my metaphorical pitchfork and torch and say nay to your opinion. He was a bad guy yet he tried to seek redemption in the 2018 GoW and become a proper father to atreus. His past is what held him back because he was scared history would repeat itself. Hes a loving guy and he gave up a lot for his family. But i shall respect your opinion and i hope you will keep doing what you enjoy.
11/15/2020 c1 EdwardG2000
A couple things, Kratos actually doesn't know better ways to teach Atreus, he says as much in the game when he is asking Faye for help.

Also, a lot of people seem to miss the fact that while Kratos wasn't the best person, most of what happened was either due to the Gods or because of them, they were manipulating him from his birth, taking his brother, his mother, and when he tries to get medicine to save his daughter literally raining fire and water on him.

Plus the main reason he got worse when he started serving Ares was because he had his humanity taken from, so for most of his life after that he wasn't capable of being human, he only has glimpses of humanity around certain individuals like Pandora and Orkos, I think literally everyone forgets that Ares took his humanity away.

Also, say what you want about Kratos, but he wasn't trying to take over the world because he felt like he deserved too, like Loki was, he was trying to kill Zeus, but that doesn't give him the right to literally destroy the world while doing so, so It's not like he's much better, plus him releasing Hope seemed to actually help Greece rebuild if the pot in Tyr's temple is any indication, so he kind of did a little there.

The biggest thing though, is the fact that Loki stood even a fraction of a chance against Kratos, he was beat up sure, but Loki is pretty weak compared to most people in GoW, hell Atreus at the end of the game is arguably stronger than a majority of Marvel movie characters due to being able to hurt Baldur, but that's not really important .
11/12/2020 c1 WearyCurmudgeon
I think you're overlooking both cultural baggage as well as the PTSD factor.

Kratos is a Spartan, their views on child rearing is drastically different from modern views and by their standards how Kratos treated Atreus is downright liberal and all tree hugging hippy style.

Showing fatherly love would've also been an alien concept to that particular culture (unlike Odysseus' Attica). Toss in his PTSD over having lost his first family.

Well, you get the current version. Might not be up to snuff by our standards. But he's starting from scratch while trying to ignore his own upbringing and trying to find a better way.

That this would lead to mistakes goes without saying.

In some ways he's quite similar to Asura from "Asyra's Wrath", but Asura had his wife to play off of, Kratos didn't have that luxury or at least not long enough to rebalance him of his wroth.


Now contrast that with MCU Odin, who did know what to do, but just didn't bother to apply said knowledge to MCU Loki.

Irrespective of his wife's urgings or warnings.


So yeah, have to respectfully disagree with the idea that MCU Odin was a better father than Kratos all factors considered.

F*cking up because you don't know any better scores better than f*cking up and having ignored countless warnings. Least in my book anyway.

All Odin had needed to do is steer Loki towards the position of Master of Whiskers and telling him he was proud of him (plus revealing the adoption sooner. As that was about as well handled as in KHR with Timeteo Vongola and Xanxus.)


As for the body count thing. Mweh. Most Greek "heroes" pulled similar sh*te. Not sure why Kratos should be singled out for that. (Aesir and Vanir as well for that matter.)

To roughly paraphrase the character "Methos" from the "Highlander" series. "It was a different time with different social rules. We were just better at it than everyone else." (As he and his posse were the inspiration for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.)

11/12/2020 c1 4jgkitarel
The irony of it all? Kratos would see what Loki did here as quite the fitting punishment for him once his rage clears. Kratos knows precisely the kind of monster he is, for all that he was trying to be better in his own way, and someone taking into account that he's crawled his way out of death before while also forcing him to spend time with his tormentor?

Oh, he would see it as quite fitting, even Greek.

And with Athena? Hmm, I wonder who is getting the worse end of this.
11/12/2020 c1 2merendinoemiliano
Interesting. Well, Kratos' bond with Atreus improved as well. While they will have of course more than a bit of attrition in the sequel when necessary, I doubt we'll arrive to patrycyte.
11/11/2020 c1 Kael Hyun
Nah Kratos should have torn Loki apart for even THINKING about takeing Atreus and as the end of the game showed he hasn't lost his edge just softened it to protect Atreus.
11/11/2020 c1 Jose19
Kratos is a cool character to me there is no comparison to him towards Loki.

Loki deserves no pity or forgiveness since he is a central character in causing Ragnarok all the Gods died due to his deeds.
11/11/2020 c1 Z.L.C. genesmith
I get the distinct feeling that you haven't progressed far enough into the game yet. Keep on playing all the way until the end of the main story line. You may, or may not, find yourself feeling the need to apologize to God of War fans who read this, for even writing it in the first place, once you've seen with your own eyes how the relationship between Kratos and Atreus grows and develops.

At any rate, I can't really find anything to nitpick about this one-shot, other than the possibility that you may have jumped the gun on this one, without knowing how it all actually pans out in canon. I speak as someone who has actually beaten the game firsthand, so you may want to give my words the benefit of the doubt.
11/11/2020 c1 LoamyCoffee
Hmm, very interesting. A great many points here about both Kratos and Loki.
I mean, some will disagree about him but you portrayed the characters very well and I did feel similarities between Kratos and Freya. Both did things that they felt was best for their child and out of love, even if it ends up hurting later.
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