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3/17 c5 Guest
I'm looking forward to see what happens next.
3/17 c5 2jack3160
Please update soon
3/15 c5 monokarma7
Please dont abandon this I think its really good and just binged the whole thing. PLEASE DON'T END ON A CLIFFHANGER
3/7 c4 Anonymous
I wonder which town Issei moved to.
3/7 c5 King0fP0wers
And here's me hoping that Issei would finally get a male buddy. I suppose Caenis more or less fills the role anyways...
Welp, still four Class Cards left! There's bound to be a bro in there somewhere! Maybe Beowulf or Kintoki?
2/24 c4 Mike
Keep up the good work!
2/20 c5 Frowen
Ngl I too would touch and fluff the tail
2/17 c5 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update in the future
2/3 c2 6XXxxxadisxxxXX
He has every single class card? Good lord...
2/1 c5 OmegaUltima
Well, here's hoping that this gets updated more often, because I REALLY want to see where things go
1/29 c5 Mike
I wonder if we'll get a chapter showing Rei's POV in the future.
1/30 c5 RedDemonEye
You have no idea how happy this update just made me this chapter was awesome but man utopia that was a surprise to be sure and I differently didn't expect her of all assassassin this will be interesting. I can't wait to see what happens next so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day. P.s I can't wait for are lovely group to bring some chaos
1/28 c4 Anonymous
Now that Issei has a place to live, what will he do next to further distance himself from Rei? Transfer to another school? Change his name? Get a paying job out of town?
1/27 c5 Guest
I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen when Rei learns about Issei living elsewhere away from her. She probably won't take it well, but maybe for a different reason than what Issei is expecting.
1/29 c5 2jack3160
Please Update Soon. Hope by the time the rating games come to play everyone in Kouh will learn the truth about Issei and what sort of lie that Rei had been feeding them for all these years were nothing but fake crap and will be isolated as the lying bitch that she is especially by her parents and the ORC. Even Asia would distance herself from Rei and this will cause her to try and attack Issei whenever he's alone. But history Summons as well as the other Devils will protect him.
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