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4/20/2022 c1 45GrrraceUnderfire
This is really lovely. Thank you.
6/21/2021 c6 bloomandgrow
I forgot to add that I listened to the music too. The singer's voice was exquisite and the lovely, soothing song fitted the chapter perfectly.
6/21/2021 c6 10bloomandgrow
This was the perfect follow on from the previous chapter because it shows so beautifully what an immense source of strength Maria is to Georg and the family as they make their escape.

It was poignant that Georg was disoriented as he awoke, believing himself still on his blissful honeymoon in Paris, then realising the bitter reality they are on a chilly mountain, exhausted and traumatised by having to leave so suddenly. But after a moment of panic he sees Maria and she is able to offer both emotional and physical comfort.

I really really love how he articulates how much he and the children need her, that they could not have done this without her. It's implicit in the film, with the looks they exchange and how she goes to him when he falters on stage, but I love that you have him say these things explicitly to her in this chapter. It was so touching the way he acknowledged how much she has saved him, and in so many ways.
Beautiful, poignant, moving chapter. Loved it.
6/21/2021 c5 bloomandgrow
Oh, I really felt for Maria in this chapter, feeling out of depth and floundering, surrounded by aristocratic sharks waiting to tear bits off her. You drew out Maria's insecurities and worries so wonderfully well in this, as she struggles in Georg's milieu now that they are engaged.
From feeling not pretty enough to feeling she doesn't have the right social graces to fit in, and then having those horrid women at the party putting her down in their cold, superior ways, it must have just awful for Maria.

I loved how she first got some good no-nonsense advice from Sister Margaretta about vanity and that she pushed her to discuss her fears with Georg.

Then I just adored the way Georg encouraged to tell him everything, listened, and reassured her how much he doesn't like that world anyway, and that he loves her the way she is. He is not only protective, but cherishes all her radiant qualities for what they are. It's wonderful the way you show that he is his own man, and couldn't care less what his peers think - it shows such strength of character and integrity.

I loved the epiphany that came to her when he tells her how much he is going to need all her strengths, resilience, optimism and skills in the new journey they will be undertaking when they have to leave Austria. He's right - more than any of them, she is the one who will be the tower of strength as they leave all their privileged trappings behind.

This chapter shows the beautiful, deep connection and communion between them. It was heartwarming and inspiring and touching.
5/20/2021 c4 bloomandgrow
Thank you for giving us this chapter - Georg behaves in exactly the way I would want him to do after the laendler. He's not pretending indifference to Maria, he is protective and kind to her, he breaks off with Elsa and then approaches Maria. He's insightful about his relationship with Elsa. And how adorable that he asks to court Maria. What could be more perfect, in my eyes.

I loved how Maria is his strength and anchor. Even though they are not together at the ball, she calms him when he is ready to lose it with Zeller and helps him maintain his control. It shows the deep connection they have.
Great chapter
2/14/2021 c3 bloomandgrow
I'm still only on chapter 3. This was a lovely update. As readers we can see the love that is slowly building up between these two, as they meet regularly and discuss anything and everything. They offer comfort and understanding to each about their pasts, and they also enjoy talking about the children, as any parents do. There's a tenderness, caring and sweetness to the interaction between them, and a privacy and connection which speaks of intimacy (in the emotional rather than physical sense). It's rather delicious and heartwarming.
As always, beautifully written.
2/6/2021 c6 11IDontKnowYourSignal
After reading the first few lines, I was sure this was going to be a sweet and sexy honeymoon chapter. How wrong was I?! I did not expect the family to be sleeping rough in the Alps.
I love how you use the analogy of Georg proposing to Elsa after he believes he has lost Maria forever with the German and Austrian people willingly following Hitler into the dark abyss. It’s so true that when we’re gripped by fear, a glimmer of hope can lead us to cling to something or someone so blindly. Your explanation for Georg proposing to Elsa is so plausible, and who better than Maria to understand it? That’s why we all adore Maria - she can see her way through to the reality of a situation without judgement, jealousy, spite or any of those other negative emotions.
Georg feeling so helpless and Maria comforting him was beautifully done.
Thank you for writing these wonderful chapters.
2/6/2021 c5 IDontKnowYourSignal
I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to read and review the final chapters to this story. Life has got in the way these past weeks, but today I need the soothing balm of TSOM more than ever - something tells me, we all do.
Such a beautiful, touching insight along the path as Maria transitions from postulant and governess to wife and baroness. Poor Maria, thinking she had to carry her fears and failings alone, worried she’d disappoint Georg, only to realise he really didn’t care about the world they were about to leave behind. Such a wonderful reminder of the power of love and the strength it gives us.
And I love that line of Maria’s that easiness does not mean happiness. You have no idea how much that line means right now.
2/6/2021 c1 10bloomandgrow
Ah, this chapter touched me deeply, especially at this moment feeling sad about Christopher Plummer's passing.
Your words "Remember me happily" as Georg tells Maria on how to come to terms with his death some time in the future, are incredibly moving. The words fit Georg perfectly and I think CP too. We have all the glorious roles that CP gave us in his long career to cherish, but for most of us in this fandom of course, it is the role of Georg that has been immortalized by his consummate skills. He will live on forever as Georg, in my mind at least.

This was a lovely chapter, with Georg and Maria being by turns playful, serious, somber, loving. I love how your brought home the lessons that Georg had learned about death and grieving for Agathe and how he would never make those mistakes again, and he is encouraging Maria to do the same. I'm like Maria, I don't want to think of the death of a loved one, but it helps to have this conversation once. In this case it is before the two of them move forward joyfully into their shared future.

Beautiful writing. Thank you.
1/5/2021 c6 Guest
I really enjoyed your stories. You write well and I'm looking forward to others. TSOM has help to keep me sane during this pandemic and I thank you and everyone that shares their talent with the rest of us!
12/18/2020 c4 3DW.618
I havent ever thought of Georg's emotions at having so many unwanted people .House! I know that he was miserable with Zeller there, but the inner violation of his sanctuary would have been almost too much to endure! And the feeling of betrayal that Elsa had invited them...I like the fact that you end their "relationship" that night rather than allowing it to continue.
12/18/2020 c3 DW.618
I wonder how many people go through life with the feeling that no one truly cares for them! It is so sad, but it t is the reality for many, I assume. It is good that Georg was able to verbalize this issue to her and reassure her of the entire family's affection for her.
12/18/2020 c2 DW.618
I appreciate that you show Maria's anxiety here. Some authors quickly move them into physical intimacy, but your point resonates with me. These feelings were always off limits for her...and it would take time and conversation to realize that they are ok for her to enjoy and to experience after the wedding. Her nerves and discomfort with the topic that morning certainly would have affected her greatly.
12/6/2020 c5 56his-red-head
I really liked this chapter!
12/5/2020 c4 11IDontKnowYourSignal
I loved how easy it was for Maria to read the Captain’s mood from across the room. It must have been so hard for her to see him with the Baroness, but it was great how he sought out Maria and the children to settle himself.
Thank you for changing the scene so we didn’t have the Captain inviting Maria to join them for dinner so indifferently, like he didn’t care one way or the other. I’m so glad he acknowledged how awkward she would find joining the party.
And thankfully, he’s had an epiphany and realises that Elsa will never be suitable as a mother, or as his wife!
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