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1/23 c10 HuangBaiLian
Please please please please please update again soon
1/22 c10 1grudgematch
Like it
1/22 c10 SumeragiByakuren
please please please update again soon
1/12 c9 3briennereneeleny
I wonder what rich people in Cuban War would look like oh, that last sentence made me curious of what the next chapter would be. You still have so ideas you could with when it comes to this story. One of them being Nico protecting and standing up for Adrian as well as Adrian dealing with the stress of who his father is and what his life will become. Maybe even how marionette will react news as well as the other classmates and how Adrian would you trade a differently or not depending on the situation as well as how you knows uncle is doing and what he's prepared to go to with.
1/8 c9 2Asami Chiharu
Thank you for updating! I really love this fic!
12/4/2020 c5 3briennereneeleny
The story still interesting I hope you continue. They're also an interesting idea to do with this story as well. You could even get a collab with Jagger in a music video and How do you show how it's done, as well as the reactions to everyone. Maybe you could even show how nico life is doing with his uncle or people's reaction to his uncle visiting on his birthday. You can do some of that is actually I hope you continue and good luck with your storytelling.
12/3/2020 c5 kilersenses
wow people going to become paranoid
11/29/2020 c5 Sunflower
You did absolutely great job with the story.
Chloe will never forget this humiliation because of her spoiled rich brat actions caused her downfall for the rest of her life but I hope somewhere in the future she will change into a better person with the help of going through lots of therapy and see her that her previous self is not a way to live and maybe she will do great things for the better.
11/24/2020 c4 Guest
Great story can't wait for more updates.
I pity Chloe, she needs serious help
I mostly blame her parents
The wicked witch of a mother (though in my opinion she doesn't deserve to be call a mother) was never around for Chloe while her dad may love and care for Chloe but he spoiled her too much making her believe everything will go her way from what I've seen from the show.
The lack of guidance and discipline for Chloe is not healthy nor any child deserve to be raise like that.
11/21/2020 c4 HuangBaiLian
Thank you! Please update again soon.
11/14/2020 c3 15PoisonCupcake101
Okay I get that she'd tell the truth, but it wasn't like she couldn't keep the truth about outing Marinette, because all her other lies were on big important people and the media, the lie with Marinette, however, was merely by mouth and nothing else. Still, great chapter.
11/14/2020 c3 1grudgematch
Like it

And can't wait to read how this goes
11/14/2020 c2 15PoisonCupcake101
Can't wait for more!
11/12/2020 c1 3briennereneeleny
Interesting I can't wait to see more of this. I wonder what will happen in the next chapter. There could be actually many scenarios for this. One of them could be where people find out about the uncle. Another could be but we see the aftermath of the lawsuit and how successful it was. It could also be the conversation with the lawyer and what he found on the person he's suing.
11/12/2020 c1 15PoisonCupcake101
Wow I didn't think he'd be that mad, I mean, itd be bad if the news spread through several countries followed by copyrighted material, but just gossip around a school? Seems kinda mellow a risk
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