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6/2 c3 MotekElm
great ending
4/15 c1 KittAnn
BTW, I was reading this while I was attending an e-meeting. I answered one question that was directed to me and forgot to put myself back on mute. it was so embarrassing because I accidentally screamed when Hermione jumped on Draco.
4/15 c1 KittAnn
I'm not working today and it's all your fault... lol... but really... your stories are WONDERFUL!
4/8 c3 i-read-there4-i-am
Ok interesting take with trewlaney and snape. Cute story, thanks for the break!
3/7 c3 Guest
Such a cute, feel-good little story.

I have to say, I haven't read any of your stories in a while, but just reading this has reminded me of what a great writer you are. I'm relatively certain that my next few reading hours will be spent reading your fics. Thank you.
3/7 c3 3Dj19
Really great !
2/23 c3 1SusanMarieS
love the ending
2/21 c3 Sarkat2013
Wonderful story!
2/6 c3 Guest
2/1 c3 18MonJoh
Lovely story.
2/1 c3 Meimeireads
Sybil and Severus at the end are fantastic! The Hogwarts staff would all have to be like family after decades spent together.
1/27 c3 kalagang
AHHHH I LOVED IT! the ending was truly the cherry on top! now i just sad that there aren’t more dramione fics feat. a trelawney/snape friendship...or just more trelawney for that matter. this was such a fun read. thank you :)
1/27 c2 kalagang
TRELAWNEY YOU SNEAKY LIL BIRD...i’m sure hermione didn’t tell her that it was draco. i’m surprised she didn’t catch that
1/27 c1 kalagang
this is so...COOL? what an interesting concept!
1/25 c3 Helianthus7
This was so lovely! A gift as always! Love your characterization of both, this lovely spell and the treat at the end of the professorS’ friendship ️️️
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