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11/16 c4 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
By Aka, Sanguineous finally broke his anger.

My guess is that Aka sent Sanguineous in Skyrim to help him see if the mortals are ok to keep around even longer.
11/16 c3 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Fabulous Born.
11/16 c1 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
By Akatosh, he literally made the Final Dragonborn fancy. A non-believer too.

Too fancy...
9/3 c7 Daren27
This fanfic idea is brilliant! My thanks to the author
5/30 c7 Guest
Hello dear Mr author man. I super like this fic, please do the continue. Maybe down the road some weird serana interactions? Vampire meets superhuman demigod vampire
I swear to the God Emperor of Mankind, if you stop updating this fanfic, I'mma find you and BLAM you for HERESY!
3/21 c7 Guest
3/23 c7 valhalan guardsman
I'm now suspicious that one of the werewolves will turn out to be a space wolf wolfen
3/21 c7 2Akashic Silhouette
Sanguinius is way way too effeminate and emotional lmao, he's like how I imagine a girl would daydream about if he were a male model. You are forgetting that he's a literally genocidal general who has killed millions of people. But "his eyes soften" and he gets overprotective and white knights a woman he's never even met?
Don't get me wrong, I realize that of all his brothers Sanguinius is the most compassionate, but that doesn't mean that much, Vulkan and the Salamanders are also considered very compassionate towards civillians, but Vulkan still incinerated a little Eldar girl in one of the novels lmao.
2/9 c6 mobius
I'll be honest with you, I found this story just recently and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I've read it like 5 times and I am in love. The humor is great, the characters are great, just -chefs kiss-
Thank you for what you do! I'm excited for more!
2/8 c6 E
Some of the... tangents, shall we say, in this chapter were kind of distracting. Either they went on for a little too long, and I became dezoned from the reading, or were just a little too unrelated for my taste. Aside from that, no real criticism. Sanguinius seemed like Sanguinius.
I had thought for a moment that you were insinuating Sanguinius had some erotic fixation with one of his 'sons', and that was a little concerning, but later context clues made it seem less like that, and more of just a deep care. Just some of the language used seemed odd, but like I said, it was cleared up pretty much immediately. If it hadn't, I would've been concerned, as that's not really in character for a non-Slaanesh worshiper.

I await more, as always.
2/8 c6 DDAN
AWESOME man...this is a really good read my of potential considering how a primarch is basically a godly being in comparison to normal man.

Really hope to see more to see how it plays out
2/7 c6 Guest
I wonder if, despite not having the best of introductions, Sanguinius could get Giants to ally with humans like Ogryn do.
2/7 c6 Guest
The only prayer that matters is no poverty or disease, post scarcity for sentient life those who want their own lives to be hard and difficult and dangerous have no right to force that on others
2/7 c6 2ManwithaPlan113
And so the adventure continues! And soon we shall see the Blades...what’s left of them anywya
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