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for Lost in the Lights

9/17/2023 c18 seriefreak141
Loved it so much! Thank you!
7/6/2023 c18 Marie RieRie England
I love this story.
Sure wish there was more
2/28/2022 c18 naurway
awesome i love this its so cute
10/28/2021 c1 waaanky
Loved this story so much! Thank you. I've never watched an American football game in my life, but I was rapt by the big game in this story, which speaks to your writing skills (and obviously your knowledge of American football)! Anyway, thanks again, I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading more from you.
9/26/2021 c18 1snixx.oh
Great story I loved it!
9/2/2021 c18 IWantsToGetMyBrittanaOn
Thank you for wrapping this story up so nicely. Santana was so cute stepping in sand with her bare feet for the first time. And I love how playful they are with each other, chasing each other around and playing hard to get. Our little Brittana is growing up being all domestic, shopping and playing house. Definitely a glimpse into their future. I know that they’ll be happy together. I definitely wouldn’t mind if you revisited this ‘verse in the future. Like you said, there’s so many possibilities! Thanks!
8/22/2021 c18 siwon666
Such a great story! I like how badass Britt handle problems like a true leader. The fluff, flirty banter, and the plot are really on point
8/22/2021 c11 siwon666
Santana's making a scene in the field! Ah, high school sweetheart. I know zero thing about football but this badass jock Britt is giving me life. Favorited!
8/3/2021 c18 holysnixx
i've never seen a single football game in my entire life but i really, really, really enjoyed reading this. i don't know what to say except i loved it and you're a genius but you probably already knew that. thank you for keeping this fandom alive by sharing your stories!
8/3/2021 c16 holysnixx
thank you so much for kicking those two assholes off the team!
7/24/2021 c2 Alex
I'm really enjoying it...
7/17/2021 c18 Mimsd123
Overall great story! You’re an amazing writer keep it up!
7/15/2021 c18 tyorlean.crawford.3
What's the last chapter if not can't wait for the next update keep them coming
7/12/2021 c18 Guest
Awesome story from an awesome writer
7/12/2021 c15 Guest
I really hope this continues. Hopefully pass graduation. This is so good. You are an awesome writer
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