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for Lost in the Lights

2/5/2021 c12 Guest
Really enjoying this story and I hope you’re intending on finishing it. You are very talented, thank you for sharing your writing with us.
2/5/2021 c12 Guest
I really liked this chapter. Sort of a turning point with Santana accepting Brittany as her girlfriend and starting to actually stand up to her father. Worth the wait.
2/5/2021 c12 Guest
Ty for updating
2/6/2021 c12 Ivaila Hristova
I actually really like this chapter. And they are finally girlfriends! Hope to see them in school next chapter. Now I wonder if Santana is going to be open about the relationship or she is going to hide.
2/6/2021 c12 Buffycl
what a beautiful chapter... it warmed my heart.
aww they officially are a couple now.
amazing and beautiful writing as always... love your fics.
definitely worth the wait.
thanks for the update.
2/6/2021 c12 dottydog3
an amazing chapter!
2/5/2021 c12 Brittana0909
Oh my gosh! I love it! This whole chapter was so cute! :) Happy writing! xo
2/5/2021 c12 debrinab
I liked the chapter, they are making progress!
2/5/2021 c12 heyalovers
I love this story so much
2/5/2021 c12 Flmagic
The story and your writing keep me coming back for more!
2/5/2021 c12 Lina R Jacob2
Beautiful chapter!
2/5/2021 c12 Mariu4
OMG! Yessss! At last they spoke, they were sincere with their feelings towards each other and they became girlfriends and everything in one chapter ! Awesomeeee! Thank you!
2/5/2021 c12 May1217
Such a cute chapter! Can't wait to see how the talk with San's dad goes. Hope he's more willing to listen. Thanks for update! Can't see what happens next!
2/5/2021 c12 bestie was taken lolz
this was another rlly good chapter looking forward to the next :)
2/5/2021 c12 Mimsd123
Love this chapter you haven’t lost your touch! Looking forward to the next chapter
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