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1/9/2021 c9 franzih24
Thank you for the update! I loved the angst in this one
! I’m sad to read it might come to an end soon but I totally understand.
1/8/2021 c3 Brittana2021
Such a good story so far. Worried about Brittany though since it seems like she’s got some “tough”/mean people against her. I could see this story taking a very “dark” turn due to these circumstances, so I’m curious where it will go
1/8/2021 c9 Guest
It's so exciting having new chapters to pour over, even if it takes time to update, your stories are worth it! I vote for the whole year, you are so great at writing authentic and organic connections between them that feel real not rushed! Fingers crossed you choose to do the whole year!
1/8/2021 c9 Guest
I am sad you are going to finish but I do understand that real life gets in the way. I will enjoy it while I can.
1/8/2021 c8 Guest
I am a hospital nurse and right now, more than ever, it's pretty exhausting. I look forward to your updates each time. I work mostly weekend shifts and make myself wait until my 3 12s are over to enjoy your latest update, a little treat for surviving them these days. Anyhow, thank you for all the amazing stories you've done and for giving us this new one!
1/8/2021 c9 Zubes
Nooo this is the best story right now! Please do the whole year even if we have to wait a little more between updates, the development of Santana may be slowly but its a beautiful process. Hopefully she can be confortable soon enough :)
1/8/2021 c9 kid98
Idk why but I had a feeling you were going to update soon and I was checking my email to see if you had. The notification came in literally 15 seconds later. Thank you! This story is great!
1/5/2021 c8 Guest
Loving this story! Love the pace!
1/4/2021 c8 Guest
Love this story so much! Keep it up
1/5/2021 c1 Fernandagraams
I’m so glad you’re still writing brittana stories! I’ve loved your writing since I found “coffee breakseven though I’m still a little sad that you didn’t continue “second bestand I’m just thankful that I get to read new stuff you’re sharing with us.
Have you ever thought about writing a Quitt one shot or even a multi chapter story? Even though I love brittana I just really enjoyed how you portrayed Quinn and Brittany’s friendships in “sloppy babies” and I thought I’d ask (plus I’m currently having a big ass crush on dianna agron). That’s all, I hope you have a wonderful week!
1/5/2021 c8 fate023
OMG, this is so awesome! I read your two new fic in 2 days. I love it! thank you for writing.
1/4/2021 c8 4nevertrustamime
you are so talented omfg love this story
1/2/2021 c8 14i-am-gek
God literally the cutest! I love them sooooooo much. the sexual tension is REAL. love how they're getting to know more about eachother as well. everytime I get a notification that you updated I squeal. thanks for all the writing you do for the fandom.
1/2/2021 c8 KReader
I had to read this update twice because I'm so in love with this fic. They could not be cuter (or hotter). I can't wait to read the next one especially when it comes to San and Pete my heart is gonna burst.
1/2/2021 c8 Guest
Love this chapter so so much . You are so so talented. You give this fandom so many great story . We are really really lucky . Thank you so so much .
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