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12/19/2020 c6 Guest
Loving this story! You are a favorite writer for me! I love their sarcasm between the two. I imagine that's hard to write and you do it really well. I catch myself chuckling at their witty banter between them! Can't wait to see what's next. Also, love the slow build!
12/20/2020 c7 BrittanaAus
I am loving this story.
12/20/2020 c7 Mariu4
YESSSS! They finally kissed ! I loved this chapter, and I want to know how this relationship between Britt and San follows!
12/20/2020 c7 brittana.vcp
Happy birthday! I love this amazing story!
12/20/2020 c7 Roxy Lu
Yay! They kissed can’t wait to see where this goes between them! Looking forward to the next update :)
12/20/2020 c7 ayda.mondarion
this chapter was almost frustrating at the beginning, but damn... this is so good! can't wait for the next round!
12/20/2020 c7 hometownbitches18
I love the way you write, really. I've been hooked since day one and I really like the story. Thank you for doing this!
12/20/2020 c7 Mimsd123
Looking forward to brittany and maribel meeting
12/20/2020 c7 Mimsd123
They finally kissed! Really love reading your stories can’t wait till the next chapter
12/20/2020 c7 1BizzleB90
Awww they kissed
12/20/2020 c7 debrinab
12/20/2020 c7 HanLou
Yessss! A kiss! With all that UST it had to happen. It’s your birthday and we get the present. So thankful you shouldn’t have to explain yourself about updates, I’m always happy to see this story in my inbox. Loving it so much, keep up the great work!
12/20/2020 c7 franzih24
Thank you so much for the update! I’m so glad Santana had this talk with Maribel and that she is so supportive. And I’m glad Brittany and Santana got to kiss. Thank you!
12/15/2020 c5 IWantsToGetMyBrittanaOn
Yay for Brittany being King! It’s awesome that she’s changing the hearts and minds of McKinley for good. Poor Santana. I’m glad she opened up to Britt. She’s so damn cute with her nerves and anxiety. And Britt always has the perfect reaction/response. You keep teasing us with little things about San’s trauma last year. Can’t wait to find out what actually happened. I’ll try to be patient like Britt. Lol Also can’t wait for more coffee (hot chocolate) dates! P.S. Sorry about the Steelers. :o/
12/14/2020 c6 Eilatan4
love this! please keep it up :D
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