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3/24/2021 c15 Lisa923
Thanks for the update, enjoyed the chapter Santana has really making progress. I liked the interaction with Brittany’s family. Looking forward to the big game next chapter. Thanks
3/22/2021 c15 Guest
Look at Santana taking those big steps! Sad you're ending it, could read your stories all the time! Definitely enjoy how you write these two and their interactions. Wish they could get more time alone together.
3/24/2021 c15 Ivaila Hristova
I loved this chapter
3/22/2021 c15 Guest
Good chapter. Bummed you're thinking of ending it, was hoping for the whole year. Maybe even have Britt playing some Lacrosse or something in the off season, more opportunities to break stereotypes and have San cheer for her. Great story!
3/21/2021 c15 Guest
Ahhh, it can't end! Sooo wonderful and your stories are our favorites! I agree, sequel perhaps? Or another wonderful storyline you have conjured up for us. I literally use your story updates to motivate me through my long shifts. They've been a little light during long days!
3/21/2021 c15 Guest
Thank you so much for updating. I certainly can't tell you're struggling from your writing. I was hoping Dave and Azimo would come around but they're utterly irredeemable.
3/21/2021 c15 Guest
No worries totally worth the wait. Another great chapter.
3/21/2021 c15 Guest
Love happy Brittana and even though Brittany got slushied, it got those two lumberjacks off the team. Oh man onlh 1 left? I know it’ll be predictable if and when Brittany’s team wins but that’s would be the only satisfying end to football. She worked hard and paved the way for any other girls who wants to play and for a better environment at school in general.
3/21/2021 c15 Guest
Really love your updates! Hope you'll continue to write and surprise us with stories! You're one of the best Brittana writers and there isn't much new content out there! Always look so forward to your updates!
3/22/2021 c15 Mimsd123
Love where this is heading, looking forward to the last chapter!
3/22/2021 c15 Abby021
Ah man I saw that coming I thought the slushee was gonna happen sooner but wow I love this btw it’s really good
3/21/2021 c15 breadtanaxstan
WOW. love this story soooo much! thank you for writing this.
3/19/2021 c14 Guest
Loving this! They are so cute! Love how they both are trying to take it slow. Just hooked already, can't wait for their next morning. Santana is taking some big steps in my opinion!
3/21/2021 c15 Buffycl
Oh man, Britt can not catch a break, i thought she was going to get lucky with San in the morning after they sleepover but instead she got a massive slushie XD
Glad Santana is going public about her relationship with Britt.
Really sad that next chapter is going to be the lastI really love this story and dont want It to be over yet but if you are not feeling it there is not much to do about it.
I hope you get your inspiration back soon and we can enjoy another of your Brittana stories because I really enjoy your writing.
Thank you for this update
3/21/2021 c15 gator2076
thanks for the update
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