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5/30 c8 8Diabolic Tracer
To be fair the TCG/OCG effects vs anime effects isn't too big of a problem for most VRAINS cards, as that anime's cards were surprisingly close to their IRL counterparts when compared to previous YGO animes. And the duel... I could tell that Go wasn't going all out just by the fact that he played a single Suplex throughout the entire duel, lol. But it was a good duel nevertheless. Though I want to say that the part with the Magic Cylinder confused me for a solid 30 seconds. I was confused why Go still took 2000 damage, then remembered that his opponent had 2 monsters with 2000 ATK. Stupid me.
5/9 c7 Diabolic Tracer
Imagining thinking people would get angry because the main character loses a lot. Ha, couldn't be me!
Jokes aside I didn't expect to see Darklords, but I'm glad because I somewhat like that deck (Ixchel makes me feel funny '0w0). Though seeing Athena with them is what surprised me here, since Athena was always a monster I had wanted to use in a dedicated deck, but the only Fairy Deck I could think of was Counter Fairies, which prefer staying on the field. I guess it shows how stupid I'm for not realizing that a monster with the power to revive from the GY would work with monsters that like to be revived from the GY.

At least the guys behind the Mark-II project aren't hiding their intentions about wanting to create super messed-up AIs that would destroy the world, unlike Retardvolver's father, so they are already better in my book than Dr. Kogami and friends.
4/13 c6 Diabolic Tracer
From the look of it, it seems that Mitsuba existential crisis is only going to be getting worse as things go on, and the Knights of Hanoi cause even more chaos to the life she was able to build for herself in that world. As for the Ocs and the pacing, all I can say is to do things at the pace that you're most comfortable with. Character introductions aren't s important as the character's development down the line. Chapter reviews are, once again, not all that important, though since, as you said, a lot of stuff has already planned, I see no reason why you shouldn't show the readers what to expect.
2/24 c5 Gyphon
Does Trishula just not exist as a card, or are people just vastly over estimating Brionac?
2/21 c5 2Zeromk7
Amazing Chapter again ! I Just Hope to see our Sleeping Seraphin winning some duels from now on.
2/18 c1 JustM33
I absolutely love Isekai/Reincarnation stories, so you got me hooked from the premise alone. The writing quality is leagues many other attempts at it, though. Very interesting deck choice, too. Definitely not what I would expect. Actually, I don't really recognize it. Is that an Original Archetype? Also, this might just be your own stylistic preference, but I think the formatting could benefit from switching the bold text to italics. Just a suggestion, though.

Also, I can tell I'll love the angst that comes with potential identity crises/depression/etc.

Thanks for the story.
12/23/2020 c3 Gyphon
Guess we're saving the "Rekindling for 5" play for another duel, it seems.
12/17/2020 c1 Guest
I ilke the Story so far i Hope you actually include a Little Bit of Romance and a Social life for yusaku please let Ai tease him about the whole Shipping Thing
11/25/2020 c2 Zeromk7
Good story so far. I Hope It didnt become a romance too because It Will fall into those Fanfiction that love RUIN story. Also need to say that Azalf has plot armor for now so im not excited to see her more until that plot armor fall but still nice design, character and deck. Number 3 Charisma Duelist will surely lose against Spectre since he defeat Blue Angel in the original story. Also you Better Watch out some stuff since Hanoi managed to find out Who was Playmaker and they could Undercover even Azalf identity which Will put everyone in a Mexican Stand off.
For the rest i really enjoy how you make the duels and the stats of Monsters and cards. Keep going this way and maybe this Will be an exciting story.
11/22/2020 c2 4NocturnalCreature998
Two chapters in and I already love this fanfic. Good job and good luck!
11/21/2020 c2 21firemario
Damn, really enjoying this so far, also, I ship it~
11/20/2020 c2 8Diabolic Tracer
So that little bird is kind of like Ai, aka being an AI made to destroy the world that decided that it doesn't want to? Well, I can't POSSIBLE see anything going wrong with that!
So, a WATER Cyberse deck that isn't just Link Trickstars? I like the idea of it being a deck that focuses on protection. Though I'm confused on what effect exactly protected C.I. Libratus from getting destroyed by Solemn Strike (which by the same should have missed timing in the order that it was activated in); but I could be missing something.
Also awww, I'm so happy to hear that what I'm doing is helping somewhat for others to make their own stories.
11/20/2020 c1 6Karnia Queen
Can't wait to see what happens next
11/14/2020 c1 9Romadrox8975
Where the image come from, i cant see it
11/14/2020 c1 4NocturnalCreature998
Thank you so much for writing an SI-OC fanfic for VRAINS, I am so excited to see how this story turns out! Good luck and have a nice day!
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