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6/27 c41 14queenlaur
Just finished catching up with this story, I can't seem to get enough of your writing! You have such amazing ideas and what if's that I would never have thought of!

I have to say, two immortal beings out of the destiny island trio is a crazy cool idea! I've seen stories with vampire Sora but Fea Riku is a new one, and it fits so well! Is Kiri going to get a new species as well? Or is Merlin going to work something for her? Or is there going to be a time magic situation where Sora and Riku are returned to a point before they were changed/they become human again? I am so bringing with curiosity and I could see all of these ideas working but I know what ever way you go with the plot will be so prefect!

The organization slowly becoming a part of team Keyblade is a great touch, nice work merging all the games plots together.

I'm interested where you will go with Ven's condition. Also what you will do about Terra.

Now that all the Halloween town parts are done will there be any time in the future that Sora will meet the women who turned him face to face? What about Ven, would he be affected by her as well?

The sleeping worlds are next so will you bring the WEWY cast in? Will they be a part if the team after DDD's plot?

I am itching to read more! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing! I really like your work!
3/28 c41 Simulacrum
I don't see a problem with giving Riku a keyblade. Sure, eventually he's gonna be as powerful if not more than Maleficent, but the same can be said about Sora surpassing Merlin and he has one, not to mention Maleficent herself has hinted that Merlin is if not her equal then her better when it comes to magic, so yeah, Riku being a faerie shouldn't be a reason why he can nor can't get a keyblade.
3/28 c41 Deadrose
Ah, Riku's self-esteem is a total wreck, at least Sora and Kairi are always there to lift him up.
It's interesting to see Ventus behavior now that he's a half vampire, and I find it very interesting how he doesn't really struggle so much with the changes (even if adapting to them is something he has to work on) the way Sora did, is it because he's still half human or because or because unlike Sora he actually has a sire that cares and cherishes him? Something tells me though that once he has free time he's gonna spend it trying to figure how to use magic to give himself his own set of fangs.
Again, I'm curious how these changes may also have affected Vanitas, after all, if and indirect connection to Sora had him looking like him, then surely he's different in some way now too because of Ventus and Sora's vampirism. Even if there's no change (unlikely as that is in my opinion), I'm still eager to see what Vanitas' next meeting with Ventus will be like,specially if the later ends up trying to feed from the former.
Now that I think about it I wonder if this means Xion will come back as a half fae.
It's cool you went brought back that bit with Hercules' aunt and turned it into a chance to improve Naminé's powers, I'm curious how that'll go.
Demyx in the sleeping worlds? Hope this means that's what Aqua and Ventus are also doing, otherwise he's just gonna laze around with the Dream Eaters (still not over what they and the Nightmares really are). It was nice, seeing what Demyx thinks of the whole situation and his stance on why he prefers to stay as he is rather than become human again, that's pretty valid.
Yen Sid is now more suspicious than ever of the group and the constant refusal to let him meet Sora and now see Riku again, I hope there's still enough time to get things settled before they have to tell him the truth and deal with that fallout.
I'm curious if Xehanort and his Norts are already in the sleeping worlds wondering what taking Sora so long to go there. Even if not, it's still a fun image.
3/28 c40 Draculora6
Thanks for the update
Love this story XD
3/27 c41 2Seth A. Mincberg
Hmmm... my oppinion. Why should it matter if he's a faerie? As far as I'm aware, it's never stated that all keyblade wielders are human. Just shown that way. I mean, Merlin and, I think, Yen Sid aren't human, but Yen Sid learned from Merlin which implies that Merlin may have once wielded one. In all the legends about Merlin, that the Sword in the Stone is based on, he's a child of an Incubus, or some other demon, and a human or sometimes a faerie. Plus, Yen Sid is supposed to be the embodiment of Disney watching over it's creations... so yeah.. Long rambling to say, give Riku a keyblade!
3/27 c41 5ShiroHollow96
Love the chapter! I think Riku should have his keyblade it could be a focus for his magic like Maleficent's staff. Him using magic could be a last resort. Or his keyblade becoming a ace something he won't use unless needed. Though I do wonder will Namine gain a keyblade?
3/26 c40 Deadrose
Well, it looks like it's been some time since the last update of this story, hopefully it's just a break because I really want to see more, Yen Sid will find out about Sora and Riku and so will Xehanort since I doubt them not going to the sleeping worlds will stop the old coot from trying to get one of them (which thankfully is now impossible). I just hope they're ready when the other shoe drops in that regard.
I'm also curious if Sora's transformation has also had an effect on Vanitas, part of me hopes so if only because it might just be what saves him from Xehanort.
Crossover with vampires? That depends on what you want to allow. You could add the classic Dracula from Bram Stoker's book, the one from the movie Van Helsing, or if you prefer a more approachable version of the count, maybe the one from Hotel Transylvania or the one from the old Scooby Doo movies (the Monster Race and the Ghoul School to be specific) to add as a possible world. You could also try adding ones from animes such as Vampire Knight, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (the first two parts), or Hellsing, though be warned those are kind of gore-ish in some parts. I'm pretty sure there's also two kid movies about vampires that are live action, one about two vampire sisters and another about a human boy who befriends a young vampire, though I can't recall their names right now. Hope any of this suggestions helps.
Will you include other Disney worlds from older movies like Treasure Planet or Atlantis, or maybe from series like Kim Possible or Gargoyles? That would be awesome.
3/24 c40 ShiroHollow96
Great chapter! Love the entire story! Maybe vampire knight? Lol imagine the twilight vampires reacting to Sora? And Buffy vampires would be a close to his type to a degree.
3/18 c40 2Seth A. Mincberg
I have a few suggestions! How about meeting Morbius, the vampire, from the 90's Spider-man cartoon or Tah-Shen.. i think that's the name, from the original Thundercats? Sorry I don't have better ones. Vampires are nowhere near my area of interest. Just, please no Twilight. I personally have nothing against it but that's a very different breed of vamp.. I can't really see them mixing.
3/7 c40 4Wandering-Star-777
Harry Potter and Naruto seem to be common crossovers if you want to try and create your own rendition of it.
1/6 c40 Shadoath
Ever watched Helsing or Seraph of the End? Ever read the House of Night series?
11/8/2021 c40 51Venquine1990
I would love another Yen Sid/Merlin confrontation. Also, poor Riku. I really hope things will work out for him soon. With a bit of luck, those journeys will help him settle in his new form.
11/5/2021 c40 Guest
Don’t forget hellsing, black blood brothers or blood They also have their own vampires
11/7/2021 c39 APridefulSin
oh no Merlin... and yes true about yen sid. I'm just afraid what your plan may be
11/5/2021 c40 Jostanos
Matsuo: Sci! Sci! This was an excellent chapter! Thank you for posting it! *eye smiles*

Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate are options that I just thought of, Sci.
Castlevania may be another option.
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