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6/7 c37 APridefulSin
holy... yes! mickey is okay with it! whew, was going to have a small heart attack. I also wasn't fully expecting the ven part but it's so good and feels like that's how it should go. it's still really well written like always.
thank you for sharing this with us all! reeeeaaaalllyyyy enjoy it. hope your weekend went well!
6/7 c37 Jostanos
Matsuo: *raises an eyebrow* "Aerith 'plys with her food'", Sci? *giggles* I think that you meant that she "_PLAYS_ with her food"!

hmm.. So Ven is a Dhampir.. of sorts.. Like Alucard from Castlevania. Nice. :)
6/7 c37 PheonixQueen15
Does this mean Ven’s a dhampyr? They’re the children of a vampire and a human. They’re usually are more powerful than their human parent, but weaker than their vampire parent.
6/6 c37 deathreapsonce
Huh... Dhampir Ven... Weird but okay... What happens to Vanitas, then...?
6/6 c37 49Venquine1990
That was excellently done. The whole thing of Ven's heart being partially inside Sora and inside Ven was a nice twist. And glad to know that Mickey is now in on the whole thing. But for how much longer will you be able to keep this from Yen Sid? He did start playing a more "active" role in 3D and KH3 after all.
6/6 c37 Aion27
Great chapter as always. I enjoy that you had to have them complete the Sire-Childe bond for the Heart to return to Ventus. It is also great to see that Mickey seems to be fine with Sora and understands why he never goes near to Yen Sid.

Thanks for the new chapter
5/13 c36 PheonixQueen15
Aqua’s here! And trio fluff, yes!
5/13 c36 Jostanos
Sora's Light is his own, and Ventus' light is his own.

There is more that I wanted to add, but it escapes me at the moment.
5/12 c36 APridefulSin
you have your own light, you'll be okay sora, you just have to believe!
5/9 c35 2Yumi Edogawa
I loved the chapter! It was interesting to see what Mickey and Ansem have noticed about Sora... I wonder if it was Mickey watching them at the end? He might have shown up to rescue them, or it could easily be Maleficent or an enemy.

I enjoyed seeing them working through the Castle and the effect the device exploding had on Riku was very interesting. I wonder if he'll even need any help from Maleficent about that now beyond reassurance and training to understand his new capabilities and instincts/needs.

It was certainly a surprise that Sora and Riku didn't make it though the portal Sora made. Hopefully Kairi doesn't think Sora did it on purpose after she left.

I also liked all the action scenes and am looking forward to seeing what happens next.
5/9 c35 APridefulSin
oh shxt! good? bad? I hope it goes well!
5/7 c35 Jostanos
Who watched them though? Aqua? Xion? Roxas? DiZ? Somebody completely different?

Matsuo: Me?

Doubt it.
5/6 c35 PheonixQueen15
Who’s the mysterious watcher? Are they malicious?
4/5 c34 Yumi Edogawa
I enjoyed seeing the trio interact. It was also interesting to see the meeting with Maleficent and how Demyx is handling being free to do what he wants instead of being forced to fight.
4/3 c34 APridefulSin
yes! demyx, join the crew! and yes they are finally together. hope riku is alright...
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