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3/22 c25 MarkM21
If you were to ever remake this story, I would gladly read it. I loved how Galadriel and Nazarick just blows everything up in the wizarding world politcally. Especially during Sirius’s trial where they claimed all those titles just shocking everyones socks off. If anything could change in the possible remakes, seeing more of the world slowly unraveling what Nazarick truely is and how fucked they truely are would be amazing. I’d imagine as Galadriel slowly secures her hold in everything, people realize just what kind of hands just grabbed the world by balls. Also maybe more intimacy towards the smut. Yes, I get that Galadriel is forced to battle and succumb to her demonic tendencies, but the love she shows towards her harem feels lackluster.

Im sad that this had to end, but I enjoyed it. Im currently lapping up all of your work like a starving dog and pretty soon ill have read all of it. I will patiently wait for more of your work. Thank you
3/22 c25 MarkM21
2/9 c25 rogue1Bois
the only issues I personally had, was how Fast paced everything went... i like how you made the Demon Empress Overlord story Long and Flowing, and feel that this story would have benefited greatly from that, and if it was more centered on Galadriel, and only had Small tidbits of other character POV's added instead of full chapters. its well planned in some regards to the over all story, and Yes, starting in the 4th, or even 2nd year of Hogwarts would be better
1/16 c23 guest1
its a little late but well if u ever read this, i think making Lily Galadriel would make a very innovative fic, not to complain but some other fics u wrote are very similar, so a very distinct one would be very welcome and maybe interesting to see how you go about it.
1/9 c25 7Paxloria
So whats the name of the One Shot?
1/7 c25 3RonaldM40196867
Thanks for the update.
1/7 c25 septiceyesamandyosh
i would like a remake with a bit more "love "in it
1/6 c25 marlastiano
1/6 c23 7Paxloria
Author, everyone has their opinions.
You say you don't like this story and like "Harriette Potter: Demon Empress better", but I have to dissagree.
My opinion is that THIS STORY is the better one and it i the other story that is full of un fixable problems.
~ For example, there was that chapter early on where Harriette had the all the souls of the creations in her head, but later on in a MUCH later chapter you show that they are not in her head, but had been reincarnated into that world and were near to her. There was also that empty plot thread where Dumbledor was planning to mess with her head and went so far as attacking Snape to prepare for that, but then it never happened.

You say the chapters of this story are random with no planning, but aside from spelling, grammer, and a few punctuation errors yore story is flowing very smoothly and is comfortable to read.
THIS is a story I always look forward to and want to know what will happen next.

If you REALLY want to abandon this story, can you at LEAST wait until after Galadriel finishes off Umbridge?
1/3 c23 Selethen
1 A and D very interesting
12/29/2023 c23 Gravity98
I would love to see a crack fic of Galadriel as Voldemort. See you in the next year!
12/29/2023 c24 fullmetal1985
I'm just a reader so it probably is a writing thing but thought it was pretty good spelling and grammar errors Don't normally bug me because my brain autocorrects as i read unless its complete gibberish so i Don't knit pick.
12/28/2023 c24 TehStorm
Nice! Man that What if brought me some memories from your other What if story...Especially that one where Galadriel is the All Mother of Valyrians...

I'm still hoping for a dance of the dragons fanfiction from you. Seeing Galadriel deal with Rhaenyra, Daemon and the others would be a delight!
12/28/2023 c24 HBgamer111
are you stil going to update white lion?
12/28/2023 c23 6Black Magic99
my fav is G is lily and the curse brings back her memories.

"lily was nvr the same after that night. she became angrier, more protective, more proactive, and the stress of being a single mother turned her red hair white."

the dark is just evil and the light nearly destroyed her family with their "good intentions". Now Lily is in control of the family, and she WILL use that power to make her own faction to make the world a better place for her son and allies. ... sorta like Dany, she breaks the wheel

The G is V also is interesting. what if instead of V following a script, just being who she is causing others to view her as dark when she just couldn't care less about labels? she becomes a "dark lord" simply because she wont blindly follow "the light"
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