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9/28 c1 3OCansino
I just read the first chapter. but Galadriel? really? Nazarick has Aura, Mare, Shalltear, CZ. but you decided that in a crossover of Harry Potter and Overlord , you will use a character that doesn't belongs to any of them. Heck, Even Pandora's actor would be a good fit. the Worst for me, is that Ainz or momonga is not there. If you wanted to use a female character you coud have use Bokubokuchama, or another female from the 41 members of Ainz Oal Gown.
9/17 c12 6Lucius Walker
Oh man, I'm just loving this Overlord series!

Also, looks like Gally really did Harry a solid. Lucky bastard. .
9/9 c12 Readermichael
I really hope Harry also ends up with nazarick as lady potter. With her taking a mentor relationship with him and getting closer over time
9/2 c12 emoryjmorrill
9/2 c1 wanderingwitchelaine
i like Hermione but she is an idiot, its not like arraigned marriages don't happen today, its not like even that big of a deal in many countries. even the current European nobility do it. look forward to more
9/2 c12 kage88
brilliant can not await for more
9/2 c12 blazes207
Love the story, and I love the idea of him marrying the Tonks.
9/2 c12 Dagon Rafaeus
that's a whole bruh moment
9/2 c12 Uday Sra
9/2 c12 Crescent Glaive
well... that was unexpected
9/2 c12 3RonaldM40196867
Andromeda is a pretty underrated character.
9/2 c12 max111000
Marvelous chapter! Smutness level below average but well tailored to the situation. Harry arc not that interesting, as I understand it is the supreme one’s plan he is implementing but I am more interesting in Greengras and the other one and Minette is awesome also!I am guessing the present from albedo will be Lady Malfoy in BDSM or something which will lead to the controlling the Malfoy house. Meaby you should consider walking us with Minette as she is assimilated to Nazarik, as it sounds like fun. Leaving smut aside, the main plot is converging into Nazarik taking action against Voldemort. The goal would be to take the rest of the seats from the dark faction, they shouldn't do it yet as they have next to non influence over the light/Dambledor faction. I am no Harry Potter universe expert but I believe most of the seats they have are from house Potter, house Dambledore, house Weasley, house Black and some minor ones like house Lofgut. So either Galadriel should in the next chapter sway Weasley by, I guess, Fred and George? They are the least loyal ones and have some goals of their own. Ron can be easily manipulated but he has no say at all. Next would be some kind of hostile move against father Weasley or something. Anyway, have fun writing because I love to read your somewhat smutty fics :)
9/2 c12 4EricFreak
Keep up the good work.
9/2 c12 NoSkill4me
This suddenly turned into a story you would expect to see on hpfanficarchive. You caught me by suprise there. *Tips fedora*
9/1 c12 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
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