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4/8 c1 HighPaladinRath
Everyone whos confu3 Bout the daughter with three bodies, look up Cerberus from helltaker
3/23 c2 Sungawd Ra

So if Deku has OFA, and Endeavor is the #2 hero, who’s #1? Is All-Might still hanging in there on Fumes?
3/17 c11 3Deathknight999
what... what does the three bodies and one mind work, are they like alternate bodies or clones?
3/7 c11 2AtomicGod666
This was sweet and I loved it!
3/3 c11 2SageTempzt
This was a good story I loved it
2/26 c11 Random65
Oh cool, wait...triplets...hivemind, the Stepford Cuckoos(clone daughters of Emma Frost "White Queen") from Marvel X-Men. THAT IS AWESOME! AND OH MY GOSH I WANT A SEQUEL WITH ADVENTURES OF THEIR KID(S)!
2/12 c11 16Luciendar
I feel like I'm missing out, I don't get that last reference. Who is Hazel, and what's with the three bodies thing?
2/12 c5 Luciendar
I'm so curious how this is all going to blow up. Wil someone catch then together? Maybe they'll be in the tabloids. I understand that contacts are legally binding but how can you force someone to bare your children? What are the penalties for backing out? How would they prevent her from going to the media?

And lastly, both most and least importantly, why does this remind me of the movie 'A Knights Tale'?
2/6 c11 7F.B.100
if that was a throw back, I like it.
2/3 c11 14Garuda1178
Ah, so their daughter is Cerberus from Helltaker.
2/1 c11 The Kromann
Really cute with an... interesting ending
1/25 c1 2ErisFootWorshipper
1/23 c4 1LilBoiaSenpai
Self-roasting is truly the best kind of roasting.
1/21 c11 JustAFan123
This was a great story. Sad to see it come to an end but I know you're always making more. Cheers mate!
1/23 c11 Shadowhell1992
Ok can we get the kid explained please 1 daughter with 3 bodys
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