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2/28 c2 18verner2
This is really good! I love that you are doing it with the titans.
2/23 c2 Grace Marini
the titans are awesome and it's fantastic when they call Percy mini-kronos. The crew that you chose is perfect.
2/22 c2 Grace Marini
please continue this story. it's beautiful
2/4 c2 3dawnlilypotter
OMG I love this. I haven't seen a reading the books this unique before and I have read many lol
1/25 c2 12NaoSa
Ooooh! I really liked this story!

Also, thank you for using more characters than just the usual basic ones. I don’t always like these read-the-book stories because they’re always the same, but this one has a lot of variety and it makes it a lot more fun to read! The titans are especially fun to read, seriously underrated in this fandom, tbh.

Percy and Annabeth were really cute as well. Out of curiosity, is it going to be more canon ships or non canon ships? Not as many ships in general?

Anyway, wonderful job!
1/17 c1 1The penguin5030
This is brilliant
1/15 c2 Shannon Rei D. Sumner
I needed this. I didn't know I did but I do. Thank you so much. That was great~
1/12 c2 Mirage du Cheshire
Very interesting concept. I want to see how Kronos react to himself and how his sons fight each other because of him. When the next chapter?
1/5 c2 Victoria Schult
This has the makings of a great story! I didn't see any grammar or spelling problems so, you are doing great with that. I can't wait for more!
1/3 c2 Cherru128
I love the titans u picked can't wait for the next chapter!
1/3 c2 RageSage
I really like your twist on the traditional 'Gods read the books' idea! Eager to read the rest!
1/3 c2 Anonymously96
I like the way the Titans are portrayed
Would also like to see why they got so corrupted
Also, please, Luke is not even remotely redeemed. The 12-15% is much more accurate because yes he did help in killing Kronos, but that was after dozens of half-bloods, scores of nature spirits, and hundreds of centaurs were killed, not to mention the 1000s of mortals too. And Annabeth also realises that I think
Update soon
1/2 c2 1SeaweedBrainIsBlue
i like the titans , in a lot of these kind of stories the gods behave just like mortals , it's annoying
thx for the chp
1/2 c2 Trickster44
I absolutely love this! Really Great and unique. I'd love to see more kronos and percy or maybe even percy and Rhea interactions cause there not something you see everyday not like this anyway.
1/2 c2 1TheBicyle
I love this with the Titans, I’ve been searching for a reading the books fanfic with them for ages. It’s interesting in how they all think he’s Kronos’s child , I like how they all are and think it’s interesting and I look forward to reading it with you.
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