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for Harry and Merope and the Mystery of Forks

8/4 c3 ruth.hana05
PACEs? ACE perchance?
5/13 c20 Athrick
This was good and I’m happy to report Buck was only used once
5/13 c2 Athrick
Buck is a horrible term of endearment I will cringe every time she says that shit in public. I don’t like babe either but it’s a hell of a lot better than Buck lmao.
3/15 c1 micahmck2690
these stories are awesome. great work. I wish some writers made work this good.
1/23 c20 7RedOuroboros
good story thanks
1/23 c6 RedOuroboros
amusing :) thanks
1/23 c2 RedOuroboros
Ok love Alice too :D thanks for the chapter
1/23 c1 RedOuroboros
i like the twlight world to a degree, not a bella fan meh but like jacob
11/19/2022 c1 Guest
You should try a crossover with Supernatural. Idk if you're familiar with the show or not but it'd be interesting to see HP & MGP travel to that world
Maybe like based around seasons...idk 3 to like 6 or 7 for starters. You seem to have a sense of humor in tune with mine & judging by your name I'm to assume that you are an '85 baby? Anyway thanks for the fun on this one
8/12/2022 c3 2RealityInFantasy
Do they use different English or are they retarded? There is something like translating from context you know xd
4/30/2022 c20 ChaMy0
Incrível, estou lendo todas as suas obras.
4/30/2022 c20 21Ptool
well done!
2/25/2022 c20 KongoBongo
loved the story, good epilogue looking forward to more
2/25/2022 c5 KongoBongo
nice chapter, looking forward to more
2/25/2022 c1 KongoBongo
yea the MOD couple would do that to poor Alice :D
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